For years, Batman and Superman fans have been waiting for the opportunity to see these two titans on the big screen. And with the recent wave of superhero movies from Marvel, it was time for the Warner Brothers to kick off their own cinematic universe with the DC superheroes. "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" serves as a kick-off to the DC cinematic universe, directed by Zack Snyder. The other movie coming out of this universe is "Suicide Squad," which will be released later this year. 

My initial reaction to this movie was that it was okay. Nothing more and nothing less. And that is extremely disappointing because of the standard that has been set by superhero movies nowadays.

One thing that I absolutely hated about this movie was the way it presented itself before it was even released. I am talking specifically about the trailers; if you have NOT watched this movie and you have seen every trailer that has been released beforehand, then congratulations, you just saved 10 bucks because they basically spoiled the whole movie for you.

Admittedly, there were a couple of surprises in the movie that caught me off guard. But it was overshadowed by a boring third act. The way this movie is set up is that it builds stuff up in the beginning but once it gets to the middle and the end, it just all goes downhill. There was one little thing in the movie that could have made it really interesting, but the pay-off was disappointing.

All the scenes in the movie were all over the place, as if it were suffering an identity crisis. And the reason I say it suffers from an identity crisis is that Zack Snyder is not sure what this movie is supposed to be. At times, the movie gets really dark and gritty and dramatic, but then you will get a dialogue choice here and there that is supposed to be funny when in reality, it is cringe-worthy and you are truly questioning a lot of the choices that were made by Snyder.

One thing that I think the film did well was the Batman and Superman fight scene. Although I thought the action was not as fast as I thought it was, it was really enjoyable to watch compared to some of the other fighting scenes later on in the movie. All else I will say about it is that it ended awkwardly.

Two actors that fans were really skeptical about since the casting of this movie began were Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.

Affleck gave one of the best Batman performances I have ever seen in a live action adaptation of the Batman character, and he was able to distinguish Bruce Wayne from Batman almost flawlessly. He is exactly what the character should be, and it honestly made me want this movie to be only a Batman movie.

However, Eisenberg is the weakest link throughout the whole movie. His portrayal of Lex Luthor as a sort of Willy Wonka slash Mark Zuckerberg type of character was downright cringe-worthy. I couldn’t stand it when I was forced to see him on screen. The direction Snyder wanted to go with Lex Luthor made every scene he is in suck.

The rest of the cast is amazing. I think Henry Cavill is a really good Superman, however he has trouble making Clark Kent and Superman different characters to the point where it was kind of unbelievable that no one could tell the real identity of Superman. Jeremy Irons was a masterful Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler. He gives a different kind of Alfred which we have never seen before, and it is great. I love that Wonder Woman was in the film, but I still don’t understand her purpose in the film. She just kind of shows up to the scenes.

Overall, this movie had the potential to be something great. The scenes were shot beautifully, the fighting scenes were action-packed, and most of the actors in the film gave a fantastic performance. But this film suffers from a bad script and a bad production crew.  In my opinion, they have no excuse to not make this movie a spectacular event like the other Marvel movies are.  But I think DC fans might get a kick out of seeing all these characters interact with each other.

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