Singer-songwriter Tim McNary performs at Coffeehouse on November 8th. Coffeehouse concerts take place every Wednesday night in the Hemminson Den from 8-9pm.

Walking through campus for the first time, 10th time, or 734th time, one will naturally gather opinions on the different parts. Memories may replay every time you pass certain landmarks. Certain reputations cling to or clog different areas of Gonzaga University’s cozy campus.

One of the main attractions of campus is the John J. Hemmingson Center. Walking into Hemmingson, or as most Zags call it “Hemm,” it is almost guaranteed you will see someone you know, even if you’re trying to be antisocial. At most times in the day, the majority of the student population will have a reason to fly into this bustling center. 

Hemmingson is a great setting to flex in. It’s a stellar confidence booster because simply strolling through, you are constantly reminded of how many people you know and how warm and inviting the student body is to each other.

Pro tip: take a few minutes and watch people play virtual reality games in the Next Gen Tech Bar (NGTB) of Hemmingson. There is nothing funnier than seeing the intensity of students wearing giant googles battling inantimate objects. 

The first floor is a social one indeed. It is the home to Starbucks, the marketplace and the COG: the perfect formula for conversation and constant run-ins both wanted and unwanted. The marketplace is a lifesaver especially in the wee hours of the night when all you want are three bags of gummy bears and a tub of hummus to get you through that nine-page essay. Starbucks is always popping and you are a very talented studying wizard if you are able to get even 1 ounce of work done there.

The second and third floors of Hemmingson are more studious and are the homes to many clubs and resources.

“Hemmingson offers plenty of social places such as Starbucks, Wolfgang, Marketplaces, The Bulldog and many offices upstairs for clubs to meet,” sophomore Hannah Van Hollebeke said.

In order to snatch the area you are yearning to chill at, you can linger nearby and maintain a strong gaze with it until you make the people there so uncomfortable, they leave or the timing works in your favor and you’re prepared to swoop. Staging your belongings at a prime table to look like you’re moved in, and then going to class is a dirty move, but sometimes necessary. We’ve all been there.

Now let’s talk COG. The COG is a palace to say the least.

“The most social part of campus is the COG. It’s an easy opportunity for friends to meet for meals or grab a quick snack,” Van Hollebeke said.

Primarily underclassman are the ones to frequent the COG for all three meals. I highly recommend attending the COG on Wednesdays to get a taste of the glorious salmon. The COG is an area of campus where you can run into your professor and freshman year crush within 30 seconds. 

It is important to cherish the COG and having an abundance of swipes because access to a palace of unlimited food doesn’t come along as frequently in the upperclassmen years. Sometimes you can even spot sad upperclassmen pacing outside of the COG reminiscing on the glory days of unlimited swipes.

Hemm Den is in the basement of Hemmingon. Its dark, but holds great vibes, resembling an underground ski resort. No natural light reaches the den but warm orange ones light the wood-paneled walls. Hemm Den is the kind of setting to break out your luxury sweats and sit criss-cross with no judgment and write poetry while sipping on a dirty chai.

“Hemmingson is the best place to spend quality time with your favorite people and there’s always something interesting going on,” sophomore Emily Smedley said.

The only thing Hemmingson needs are nap rooms, just saying.

Outside its doors nearest to College Hall is a skateboard tundra where dudes in colorful beanies are convinced they are in a small, circular, cement skate park and skate in circles and on and off the benches.  

The library is a fluorescent light palace where time is either frozen or sped up. When entering, it is likely someone will hold the door for you as you enter. This happens everywhere on campus, but especially here. The library is like a weird casino which is dimly lit and instead of being addicted to gambling, the regular library goers are addicted to studying, 5-hour Energy and Quizlet.

The first floor is an extremely social and stressed environment. It is full of people who flit from table to table like a starving honeybee yacking away for hours as they actively avoid getting anything done.

Once you go to the upper floors of the library, people glare if you don’t converse in hushed tones. It is lined with cubbies where you can really hunker down with no distractions. The people who study on the third floor are the type of people who I assume even count blinking as a break from grinding on their studies.

“Third floor special room library or Hemm Den are the best places to get work done on campus,” Smedley said.

The best place to get work done varies from person to person.

“Some people prefer working around noise and prefer Hemmingson, but some people prefer quiet spaces like the third floor of the library,” Van Hollebeke said. “I like finding an empty classroom in College Hall and studying there and using the white board. It helps me focus since that’s what I’m used to doing in a classroom.”

Mulligan Field attracts avid spikeball and Frisbee players. It is where a handful of dudes feel it is necessary to be shirtless all year round, regardless of the temperature.

College Hall is full to the brim with a mix of every major. This is where it is very common to get stuck behind a slow walker who inconveniently plows down the center of the hallway making it impossible to “yeet” past them.

The Tilford Center pulls many stressed nurses and math enthusiasts in their uniforms of coffee mugs and yoga pants. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, so it is common to run into class five minutes late panting and covered in snow or sweat to the audience of an annoyed professor and understanding classmates.

Now for the Herak Center. If you are an engineer, you practically live in there, but if you’re any other major, you see people walk in and never leave. It seems to swallow students whole and spit them out as successful engineers in full suits, who walk fast and always appear busy.

Business majors are constantly swarming around the Jepson Center. There are just so many business majors, it becomes a sea of power pant suit combos, coffee and comparing answers. It definitely gives off low-key airport vibes.

I could do a review of all of the bathrooms on campus, but I’ll spare you this time.

You may already have reputations built in your head about the different areas of campus or you have yet to build opinions on them. Regardless, the nooks and crannies and hidden gems of the GU campus have so much to offer.

Juliette Carey is a staff writer.

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