Best local restaurants in Spokane to order delivery or pick up

All restaurants and bars are closed through March 31 in the state of Washington, to help curb the coronavirus. However, takeout and delivery is still available.  

The dreaded day has come. For those who cannot cook (translation, me) seeing Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s announcement of shutting down all restaurants and bars effective 12:01 a.m. Tuesday hurt a little.

However, as my eyes continued to move down the tweet where I first saw the news, they fixated on one life-saving sentence, “restaurants may continue takeout and delivery service.” Thank goodness, honestly.

While it is still unfortunate that eating out cannot be a social affair for a little while, we can find comfort in knowing most of our favorite food is available to us in the form of taking it home.

Not all takeout is created equal, though. Some types of food get dry while others get soggy. Some lose their flavor the longer they sit in the Styrofoam box, while others are no longer enjoyable after they warm up or cool down.

As best you can, try to eat from local establishments, which will be hit hardest by this restaurant closure. And for heaven’s sake, tip as much as you are able. 

My favorite local takeout joints, by category:

Burgers - Wisconsinburger

916 S. Hatch St. • 509-241-3083

This local burger joint exemplifies comfort food to the max. Inspired by Wisconsin and the Midwest, delectable cheese curds and crunchy fried pickles top many of the burgers. Cheese is the star of many of its meals, which are just as good at home as they are in the restaurant. The high-quality bread stops the buns from getting soggy during the 5-minute drive back to Logan. 

Pizza - Flying Goat

3318 W. Northwest Blvd.


Many argue Flying Goat is the best pizza spot in all of Spokane. I happen to agree, but that doesn't mean it's takeout-worthy. What makes this pizza delicious as takeout is the thin crust, which stays crunchy and the fact there isn’t too much sauce, which would lead to sogginess. 

Thai - Our Thai House

1415 N. Hamilton St. • 509-487-4237

This is my personal favorite nearby takeout spot. Walking there is a good way to clear your head, and the lunch specials can easily be split between two people, giving you an opportunity to keep the social aspect of eating with a friend or roommate. All meals can be customized by spice level, and somehow, the Styrofoam boxes make the meals taste even better. Also, you can’t be ashamed of how much water you have to drink at home after getting a level 4. 

Coffee - Indaba

210 N. Howard St. • 509-413-2569

There is no better pick-me-up in these stressful times than a smooth latte, mocha, cold brew or plain ol’ cup of joe. The creative concoctions at Indaba will blow your mind. Every single barista here will make your day, too. Coffee is perhaps the world’s most popular takeout item, making it delicious in a to-go cup. 

Beer - No-Li

1003 E. Trent Ave. • 509-2739

I can’t make much in my own kitchen, but high-quality beer on tap is one thing I definitely, 100% cannot make and something I would be missing most in this closure. No-Li Brewhouse swooped in to save me from my beer sadness, however. No-Li is doing $8 growler fills of many of their beers on tap — and the glass growler comes complimentary. This means you can take that fresh, on-tap beer home with you to enjoy at any time. 

Mexican - DeLeon's

1801 N. Hamilton St. • 509-863-9591

Quality, authentic Mexican food is tough to come by in Spokane. Even tougher is Mexican food that can be good to-go, as the freshness and heat of Mexican food is what makes it special. DeLeon’s is the exception to this, as long as you get it home and eat it ASAP. The freshness of every ingredient shines through, and the spice takes a backseat to flavor. 

Dessert - Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle

802 W. Garland Ave. • 509-325-1772

If ice cream doesn’t make you feel a little bit better, even in a pandemic, I’m not sure I understand you. Mary Lou’s iconic milk bottle-shaped building is the place to go for a thick, creamy milkshake that will pair perfectly with a fuzzy blanket and movie on your couch at home. With over 20 milkshake flavors offered, Mary Lou’s is the chilly comfort we all need.

Breakfast - Frank’s Diner

1516 W. Second Ave. • 509-747-8798

Eggs, bagels, cereal, repeat. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and must be more than the basics college students keep in their pantries. Turn to Frank’s to whip up the breakfast classics you can’t. Omelettes (I know they’re just eggs, milk and veggies — but who can actually flip them right?) pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and other morning staples are just as good at your kitchen table. 


Morgan Scheerer is the editor-in-chief. Follow her on Twitter: @_MorganScheerer.

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