A Gonzaga student skating around campus during sunset

Making class on time on a campus that may be several times the size of your high school campus requires some forethought.

Not only is class important, but getting to know Spokane is a fun venture that one can partake in with friends old and new. When considering how to get around campus, the storage constraints of small dorms and Spokane weather are both factors to keep in mind.

Here a few of the best ways a new Zag can find their way around campus. 

Bicycle: The most cumbersome method of transportation, but speedy, mostly weather proof and a good way to work cardio. No matter the conditions, a bicycle provides consistent results and can be almost as quick as a car.

There are plenty of places to lock up and some dorms have secure enclosures for safekeeping or even bicycle lockers for individual storage.

The Gonzaga Outdoors bike shop on the corner of Mulligan and Madonna can service and repair bikes and has a free tool/pump station that is available all hours of the day. They also have day/weekend rentals for mountain or road bikes as well as a semester/yearly rental program.

Skateboard: In contention with the bicycle for the most popular way of getting around, a skateboard (longboard, cruiser, penny, electric, etc.) suits the campus’s mostly flat topology. Though Bulldog Alley is laid with brick, it’s smooth and a good surface to ride on. 

Skateboards are small enough that storage is convenient and they can be carried into the classroom. Some spaces, like the COG and Jepson have board racks for a variety of board sizes.

While this is a handy method of transportation, dry, rainy or snowy days may discourage you from riding, and some of the streets surrounding the school aren’t the smoothest. 

Scooters: Comparable to the skateboard in function and relative size, scooters offer a similar speed and range mobility but rely on arm intensive steering.

Many students tend to leave scooters by the entrance of classrooms to eliminate clutter. As the skateboard and bike do, electric scooters can offer a speedy trek.

Throughout campus, Lime Scooters are scattered about, offering transportation for all when needed. They can go up to 14 mph off  campus, but are limited to 7 mph on campus. Lime Scooters may not be an ideal mode of transport unless you plan to travel off campus.

It’s also paramount to remember that all lime scooters are not the same. Depending on battery life or condition, some are faster or ride smoother than others. There isn’t a way to tell until you pay through a mobile app and actually ride them.

Through the Lime app, one can find and unlock a scooter by paying $1. The app charges 25 cents by the minute. Requiring no dock, the lime scooters can be found and parked anywhere.

Roller skates/inline skates: A fashionable and unique way of traveling around campus, one is sure to attract glances. For lab classes, one may need to bring spare shoes to change into, as professors will not permit wheeled shoes.

Zipcar: An option for those that didn’t bring their cars to campus, Zipcar allows students to rent cars for short periods of time.

Parked on N Standard St. next to Dillon Residency Hall, a $25 annual fee in addition to hourly or daily rates allows you to drive wherever your heart desires. Zipcar even allows you to make reservations to ensure you have access to a car when you know you’ll need one.

For the registration process, a driver’s license and paying method are required.

Bus: Currently, masks are required to ride the bus and fares are temporarily suspended, but the student ID card grants free rides.

An easy way to get downtown, be sure to plan ahead as the bus doesn’t always arrive on time.

That being said, Google Maps typically overestimates the duration of rides, and the absence of traffic makes for a smooth ride. Like all public transportation, riding the bus allows you to “people-watch” or even get homework done if you’re the productive type. Some routes require transfers, like traveling to the Spokane Valley.

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