For $20 per car, drive-in movie night attendees will get to see two Halloween themed movies on the big screen, as well as access to food trucks.

This weekend, families and friends lined up their cars, unpacked their snacks and snuggled up in their cars for the showing of a few Halloween classics during the nice autumn weekend.

 In mid Sept., the Hub Sports Center located in Liberty Lake opened up their parking lot and called in some food trucks to host their first drive-in movie theater that will be showing holiday classics all the way through November. 

 “This is the first year they are hosting a drive-in, and this is also the first weekend that they are showing two movies back to back,” staff member fro the event and Gonzaga student Robbi Quinn said. 

 The series of fall classics became so popular back in September that the double feature on Saturday night of the cartoon "The Addams Family" and 80’s classic "The Goonieswas a no brainer. 

 “Our 'Addams Family' showing sold out of all 150 tickets. The kettle corn truck also sold out of their snacks, but for the next showing there will be a different food truck,” Quinn said. 

 For entry to the lot, there is a $20 charge for the entire car, which is a deal you can’t beat considering that the last movie you went to probably cost at least $60 for the entire family by the time things were said and done. 

 With all 150 cars packed into the lot and tuned into the movie’s radio station, there was a nice feeling of togetherness and community that has started to feel foreign in the last couple of months.  

 “Because everyone backed their cars in and were sitting together wrapped up in blankets with their trunks open, everything had a really cozy vibe,” said Rema Allathur, a viewer of the Addams Family.

 There’s no telling when Spokane movie theaters will open up their ticket booths, but if you bring a comfy lawn chair and some fancy popcorn, you will feel like you’re right back in the AMC Lazyboy chairs… kind of. 

 “It was so nice to be able to go watch a movie somewhere other than my apartment. I hadn’t been to the movies since before quarantine so this was a fun change of pace,” Allathur said. 

 If November doesn’t forecast too harsh of a winter in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a chance that there will also be showings of a couple Christmas classics to bring in another holiday season. 

 The schedule for movies and show times is available on the Hub Sports Center’s website. This is where you’ll also find their list of  COVID-19 guidelines and food trucks. 

 If you’re looking for a fun weekend activity don’t be afraid to take a drive over to Liberty Lake with a pack full of your favorite snacks and blankets, tune in and enjoy the show. 


Kayla Friedrich is a staff writer.

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