MiFLAVOUR bakery

MiFLAVOUR bakery is an eight-minute drive from campus.


Some may be familiar with miFLAVOUR’s pastries from various places around Spokane like My Fresh Basket, Huckleberries and Rocket Market. Recently, the bakery moved its kitchens and its delicious macarons to a more permanent location at 3403 E. Sprague Ave. It is only an eight-minute drive from Gonzaga’s campus. They bake all kinds of pastries from macarons, to tarts, to cakes and pies, and many other treats.

While a French-themed bakery seems kind of niche in a place like Spokane, it is the very reason why owners Maximus and Ella Pitskun decided to open miFLAVOUR.

“We chose to start a French bakery because there wasn’t that many here," Ella said. "We love the French style of baking where it’s not too sweet. We don’t use American buttercream we use an Italian buttercream. We really just liked the flavor and how their pastries taste." 

Their philosophy is true. All the pastries they sell are the perfect level of sweetness and they make you want to never stop eating them.

“We are really passionate because the European style of food is unique and presents a lot of options like mousses, cake and macarons," Maximus said. "They are elegant and detailed, and we loved the way they looked."

The display case inside miFLAVOUR is absolutely packed with beautiful looking desserts which are almost hard to eat because they are so aesthetically pleasing. However, the look of the products is not the only thing that the owners of miFLAVOUR are concerned with when they are baking.

“We make everything from scratch with the highest quality ingredients," Maximus said. "We try to find the best chocolate, the best flour, the best almonds, we just want to use the best of the best in our food. People taste the difference."

With their dedication to high quality baking miFLAVOUR took time to grow and gain the popularity and customer base it has now.

“We grew slowly starting with commissary kitchens which is kitchen space that is rented out which we outgrew," Maximus said. "Then we had a spot downtown across from the Martin Woldson Theatre at the Fox. After we outgrew that spot we decided that we needed a more permanent location. This location has been great and very accommodating to the construction we’ve been under. Now that the kitchens are built we are in the process of building a café.” 

In order to give their new café a true feeling of a Parisian café the Pitskuns took a trip to Paris.

“We went to Paris a few weeks ago to really get an idea of the French style of bakeries from the architecture, to the service and presentation, to the music they were playing," Ella said. We brought a part of Paris back with us for people who want to see what it’s like.” 

The feeling of Paris in Spokane brings a unique atmosphere to the café.

“Our employees love working here too because they get to grow their career in an artisan kitchen with all the freshest ingredients,” Maximus said.

The more complicated menu items become easier to whip up once the process is mastered. 

“There isn’t anything that’s super difficult to make although sometimes the macaron shells are a bit tricky," said Esther Wakemen, a pastry chef at miFLAVOUR. "To make the ice cream macaron we just make the regular macaron shell and then add ice cream. We get the ice cream from Brain Freeze so it is all very local."

Getting elements of food locally is an important aspect of the café.

“It would be easier to name all the things I didn’t like here because it’s all so good," Wakeman said. "Although the lemon meringue tart is my favorite of the tarts because it is the perfect combination of tart and sweet.” 

Even with all the aesthetic changes that their new space is going under the Pitskuns came back from Paris with even more ideas for their menu.

“We were so impressed with the food scene in Paris that we are looking to launch several new products like morning pastries like croissants and danishes,” Ella Pitskun.

The new miFLAVOUR café is scheduled to open Nov. 10, but their bakery is open all week long Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. and Sunday, noon until 8 p.m.

Spencer Brown is an A&E editor. Follow him on Twitter: @spencerbrownaz.

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