BROCKHAMPTON’s “ROADRUNNER” album is a mismatched collective of songs that dances the line between pop and hip-hop. The album includes more features than normal for the boy band, as they search for a replacement for their best rapper, Ameer Vann. 

While I enjoyed the album, I would not consider it to be their best. The SATURATION trilogy was arguably the peak of BROCKHAMPTON and unfortunately they have not found a way to top it since Vann was kicked out. Just to be clear, I fully support the removal of Vann from the group, but it left a noticeable hole in the band that they are still trying to fill.

When I first heard the album, I liked “COUNT ON ME” so much that I looped it for a while before continuing the album, ruining the full listening experience. So after getting that out of my system, I started it from the top, listening closely to see how “ROADRUNNER” compares to their other albums.

Very reminiscent of “GINGER”, the album before “ROADRUNNER”,  this album features what BROCKHAMPTON manages to do best - a mismatched jumble of lyrics and voices that somehow works together. While it feels that the band has lost the cohesion it featured when they worked and lived in the BROCKHAMPTON house together, I still enjoyed the album overall. 

First, I absolutely loved the features. Hearing A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown kicked off the album in a hyped-up manner. That’s something relatively new for the band, since a band with 13 members hardly needs more voices added to it, but I really enjoyed hearing new voices on the album. 

As a Merlyn Woods fan, I felt he didn’t get as much time as he deserved. His verse on “WINDOWS” made the song for me, but the distribution of rappers throughout the album was otherwise even. I love the chill energy that Matt Champion adds to the songs, and Dom McLennon’s verses always add a touch of honesty and realness their songs can sometimes lack. 

While “ROADRUNNER” is not as hype as BROCKHAMPTON fans were expecting, I still really enjoyed it. It’s not their best, but it’s still a good album to shuffle or listen to in order (which is how all albums should be listened to at first). As typical to BROCKHAMPTON, each song flows into the next, making listening to it in order feel somewhat like an indie movie soundtrack (if it had a lot of words). 

I love the energy, beats and flow from it, but it is nowhere near BROCKHAMPTON’s best. Featuring songs that are great for parties, hanging with friends, or when you feel emo, it has something for everyone but lacks the cohesion I miss from BROCKHAMPTON’s early days. 



Favorite tracks:




Sydney Fluker is a staff writer.

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