Chance The Rapper's 'The Big Day'

Chance The Rapper released his new album titled "The Big Day" on July 26. 

And we back. Do you remember being back on this campus? Because this summer felt like it lasted forever. 

In case you don’t know how music is spread in this day and age, people post pictures of what they are listening to on their Instagram stories. When every single person in the world posts a screenshot of one or all of the songs from an album, it’s the international sign that some new bops are here. It is also often a sign of overhype. This kind of hype surrounded Chance the Rapper’s new album “The Big Day.” The album came out July 26 and pretty much everyone has been playing out the remaining days of the summer with it.

The album is meant to be a tribute to Chance’s wife, Kirsten Corley. They got married in March and the album is a companion piece to their wedding album. 

It’s varied and offers an array of emotions, but its main focus is on love. Just like a wedding, there are happy parts, sad parts, relatives trying to get pictures, toasts that just end up reminding you that you owe someone money and people looking to leave. 

The progression of the album feels like that of a wedding. The beginning of the album is before the wedding, the middle of the album — with the song “The Big Day” — is the wedding itself and the rest of the album is the reception and a celebration of finding “the one.”

There are many different guest singers throughout the album like John Legend, Death Cab for Cutie, Gucci Mane, Shawn Mendes, Randy Newman and Nicki Minaj.

The most entertaining aspect of this album is that each song inherits aspects of the artist singing with Chance. The song “Ballin Flossin” sounds a lot like a Shawn Mendes song and “Do You Remember” has a Death Cab for Cutie vibe, complete with all the flashbacks to middle school. It gives the album, which is already varied and diverse, an extra dimension.

Punctuating different parts of the album along with different moods are several different skits. Each skit is a recording to really give the audience the feeling of being at a wedding. There are recordings of people toasting the groom and of trying to get everyone in a picture in a way that only close family could.

As interesting as the concept of “The Big Day” is, there are several flaws. With 22 tracks, the album does seem to drag on in places. If there were fewer songs, some of the more standout songs might have been stronger. While it still has some good aspects and does some interesting things, it is not the most amazing album to come out in recent months.

One of the big pros of “The Big Day” is that it is meant to be listened to in its entirety and in order. There are too many albums where order doesn’t matter and giving it a more chronological effect enhances the story-like aspect of the entire album.

However, if all you are looking for in an album are some good jams, then this album delivers some great songs. The song “Found a Good One (single no more)” should be the official song played after every single successful DTR. It has some amazing TikTok potential.

As a whole, the album gives the audience a positive outlook, one that is filled with hope for the future and for love. It is a great combination of celebrating romantic love through music as well as just promoting a good mood through tunes. And remember, the only way to survive both life and this semester is to go crazy.

Spencer Brown is an A&E editor.

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