Merryhill Winery is located on 1303 W. Summit Parkway and is home to one of the best wineries in Spokane.

Many people know Spokane for its historical sites, amazing restaurants and, of course, Gonzaga University.

But, what most people don’t know is how up-and-coming the local breweries are, with the number of these businesses increasing with each year. According to the Inlander, in 2018 there were more than 20 breweries. That has increased even more in the last two years, with the largest spike starting in 2010. Whether you are a professor or an of-age GU student, there is nothing better than warming up inside from a snowy Spokane day, with a cold and crisp beer or cider in hand. 

No-Li Brewhouse

1003 E. Trent Ave.

A Spokane favorite. Family owned, fully-independent and Spokane grown from start to finish. This is the perfect spot for families, where you can sit in the restaurant inside or in the heated outside area. Their food menu is also to be noted, with their “Epic Pretzel” that can be eaten with the jalapeño cheese sauce in minutes. 

If you are a legal Zag, you can enjoy the arcade with endless games to compete in with your friends while sipping on your favorite IPA. Along with this, there is a tasting room at the entrance of the building, where you can try any (or all!) house-made beverages! Grab your friends and head to No-Li, where you can take some memorable pictures in the photo booth and try some amazing craft beer. The best thing is that No-Li is just a short walk from campus, so no need for a car! 

“No-Li brewery had such a unique atmosphere to it and is very essential to the Gonzaga upperclassman experience,” says senior, Julia Panelli. 

River City Brewing

121 S. Cedar St.

“Drink Local, That’s All We Ask.” This is the motto River City Brewing stands by and it perfectly describes the feeling when you enter the tap room.

 Staff are excited for you to be there and eager to tell you the new local taps they have. Located in downtown Spokane, this Spokane joint is open Thursday through Sunday for all ages and has been around since 2012. River City loves what they do and wants the Spokane community to be just as excited as they are. This is why they have tap room tours and transparent information on how each beer is made in their facility. 

For a rich, winter drink, stop by and try their VB Stout with flavors of vanilla, dark chocolate, caramel, dried fruit and the distinct taste of the Bourbon barrels they age it in.

Join them the first Friday of every month for their “Garage Parties” where you can enjoy live music, local food and art!

Iron Goat Brewing

1302 W. Second Ave.

Two strangers met at a bar in Spokane and ended up opening a brewery called the Iron Goat because of their common interest in beer. On 2nd Avenue Downtown, this brewery is loved by Spokane locals. With a warm atmosphere, great food and local craft beer — it is hard to beat the Iron Goat. Their food includes amazing pizzas, sandwiches, sideboards, salads and soups ­— making it a place where everyone can find something they love. But more importantly, they have affordable pints of ciders, beers, kombuchas and meads. 

Don’t have time to sit down on a school night, stop by and pick up some Iron Goat cans, bottles or growlers of your favorite brew.

 Lumberbeard Brewing

25 E. Third Ave. 

Lumberbeard brewing was founded in 2018, after the  owner and head brewer left his day to day finance job. He went down to University of San Diego to obtain his professional brewing certificate and quickly fell in love with beer. Soon after he traveled to Pine Street, in Spokane, where he opened his first brewery, Lumberbeard. Though the tasting street is located on 3rd St. 

The owner focuses on creating great beer and loves serving his community. Go support this local brewery by placing an online pick-up order or stopping by to try a seasonal ale. 

Brick West Brewing

1318  W. First Ave. 

The founders of Brick West Brewing all held a few different jobs before opening their brewery. With a shared love of beer, they opened in 2019. Here they focus on community “one beer at a time.” Located right downtown on W. 1st Avenue, it is just a short drive from campus after a long night class. Open daily for 11:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

“There is a great patio for when its warm outside and inside there is a giant TV, great for watching sports” says Cameron Orth, a senior at GU. 

Perfectly named, the brewery is located in a modern black brick building, with glass garage doors that can open to the front patio so your furry friends can enjoy with you. They invite all legal adults, newcomers to enthusiasts, to come and learn more about brewing in Spokane. Go and try one of their perennial classics or a seasonal drink, from high quality ingredients. 

Quick Tip!

Download the app UnTappd. This free IOS and Android app allows you to enter in your location to find all of popular breweries and beers near you. With the app you can also rate beers, message friends and create a list of brews you enjoy, making brewery hopping in Spokane that much easier! 



Carsyn Kniss is a contributor.

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