As the school year takes off, clubs and organizations are meeting, homework is accumulating at an alarming rate and in the midst of it all is Coffeehouse. Every Wednesday at 8 p.m., for an hour, live music from far and wide plays in the Starbucks in Hemmingson. 

Coffeehouse has seen many changes over the past few years. Originally located in Crosby, it moved to the Hemmingson Center last year. The music has changed over the years as well, and the number of attendees has fluctuated. 

The first two coffeehouses of the year have seen a variety of music: a country-based couple from Oregon and a pop-influenced singer/songwriter from Spokane. Anna Stember, Coffeehouse coordinator, has been researching and listening to all kind of bands and artists in hopes of providing superb entertainment. 

In the past, Coffeehouse entertainment has also been provided by Gonzaga students, which is something we can still look forward to — we just might see a little less GU talent this year. Stember is not only using her own ears but the ears of others to find more artists to provide us the very best that GSBA can buy. 

Lindsey Peterson, new to the Coffeehouse scene, has been pleasantly surprised at how much she has enjoyed Coffeehouse these past couple of weeks. She describes Coffeehouse as a much-needed break in the week, and although she doesn’t get any homework done during Coffeehouse, she says it’s definitely worth it. 

“I really enjoyed the variety of music, and I hope to see even more variety. But I would also love to see some more Gonzaga talent in the future,” Peterson said. 

Luckily for Peterson, on the last Wednesday of every month, Coffeehouse hosts an open mic. An application must be submitted to perform at the open mic, but it is open to anyone. The next open mics will be Sep. 28, Oct. 26 and Nov. 30. The Big Bing Theory Christmas show will be Dec. 7 to get students in the holiday spirit. 

For Jonathan Blanco, a three-year Coffeehouse veteran, some things haven’t changed at the event. 

“Here is where I get to see such warmth from many people I know, which adds to a wonderful break from my routine,” Blanco said. 

Something Blanco would really enjoy seeing is more poetry readings. 

“Last year, my favorite and most memorable Coffeehouse was when Carlos Andres Gomez came for a poetry reading,” Blanco said. “After his readings, he engaged with all of the students who were captivated by his performance.”

Another date to mark is Nov. 2 for GUSR Night. GUSR pairs students with adults who have some form of disability. Participants put on a show and share their talent. 

Last week featured Savannah Blain, and if the rest of the year is going to be anything like her performance, Coffeehouse is in for a treat. Blain, who was accompanied by Gonzaga professor Mellad Abeid, opened with an original titled “Calling Me Back.”  

“I was really impressed with how welcoming the staff was and how supported I felt as a performer,” Blain said after her performance. 

Students can look forward to this week’s performers Kris Orlowski and Erik Walter (pop/soft rock), from Seattle. 

As for the rest of the year, Stember is looking for feedback. Every once in a while after Coffeehouse, surveys will get passed out asking audience members what they would like to see in the future.

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