Lookout Pass recently announced a season pass sale for students, making the pass only $99 for a limited time.

Winter is coming up, and winter’s best sports of Skiing and Snowboarding are coming back. 

Spokane has a plethora of places nearby to enjoy this winter season, and Gonzaga students can recommend the best spots to hit the slopes this season. 

The best spots to get some fresh powder this season are Lookout Pass, Mount Spokane, and the king of them all, Schweitzer. 

Lookout Pass just recently announced it is having a $99 season pass sale this year for college students making the skiing season much more affordable. This is important because season passes can go upward of $400.

East from GU, Lookout Pass is an hour and a half away. The drive is not far and is right off Interstate 90. The spot and the price make it look even more enticing. 

Lookout has trails that range from green to double black diamond and provide a quick drop in for some good fun. 

One thing about Lookout Pass that is important is that due to it being in a mountain pass not on a mountain there are not as many runs, but for the price and location Lookout Pass offers a solid choice for any GU student this winter. 

The next spot that is perfect for GU student is Mount Spokane.

Mount Spokane is an hour away, north of campus. The drive is beautiful and the mountain is very close, allowing for easy access to some awesome skiing and snowboarding. 

The mountain offers a ton of black diamond and double black diamond runs to challenge any GU student, but Mount Spokane also offers many greens and blues near the base of the mountain. 

 This is perfect for new and intermediate riders to get some good practice in and have some fun as well. 

The mountain is beautiful and spacious offering pretty sights and amazing terrain. 

Offering the whole mountain with runs on both the front and back side of the mountain, Mount Spokane has it all.

Mount Spokane may be awesome during the daytime, but the gem of the mountain is the nighttime skiing and snowboarding. 

The nighttime skiing/snowboarding is a one of a kind experience, and definitely should be had this season and every season to come. 

Each year Mount Spokane offers discount college nights as well as students can get price of admission for astronomically low prices. 

The night skiing/snowboarding experience is awesome, and it comes at a great price that doesn’t bruise the pockets. 

One thing to note though is that only a portion of the runs are lit up at night, offering only a section of the mountain.

Finally, the holy grail of ski and snowboard spots near GU, Schweitzer.

The best part about Schweitzer is that the GU Ski and Snowboard club offers a discounted season pass for the mountain each season and also offer a shuttle bus starting spring semester. 

This is super convenient as Schweitzer is located an hour and 45 minutes away in Idaho. 

Schweitzer offers a gorgeous view from any point on the mountain and the runs are just spectacular.

“Nothing beats a powder day at Schweitzer” said Jared Alano-Grey, a current GU student. 

Each run is a new journey and the mountain flows extremely well, creating an amazing ski/snowboard experience. 

There are so many runs for people of all skills levels, offering lots of diversity. Each run is amazing and transports you to a snow-covered world.

“I grew up ski racing and I always felt like Schweitzer was a great mountain to challenge my skills, but also be able to relax and enjoy each turn” said Jaxie Frey, co-president of the Alpine Ski Team.  

“I think part of what makes it so great is that it allows for a group of friends or family of all different levels of skiing to be able to go up to the mountain and enjoy the day no matter how experienced they are because of how versatile the mountain terrain is,” Frey said.

Schweitzer is the No. 1 pick of GU students each season and provides experiences and memories that cannot be made like any other mountain. 

The accessibility of the mountain through GU outdoors, the amazing powder, fun trails and great atmosphere, create a combination for success where Schweitzer is the top pick for lots of GU students. 

“Schweitzer will always be my favorite” said Frey and this reigns true for all students planning to hit the slopes this year at GU. 



Hunter Hauser is a staff writer.

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