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As the weather warms up in Spokane, it's time to ditch snow boots for spring sandals. 

Parkas and boots are gradually disappearing in Spokane as spring rolls around. With 60 degree days in the forecast, it’s easy to get excited about trading beanies for baseball caps.

Gonzaga students are busy—many have double majors or minors, and almost all are involved in clubs or athletics. Despite the fact that Zags are always on the go, the comparison game in college is real. It’s easy to get bogged down when you feel you aren’t looking your best, especially when you’ve fallen into the habit of rolling straight out of bed and onto Zoom. 

Let’s face it, we can’t afford new clothes, and it’s impossible to keep up with the hail, menacing lightning and sunshine that just one day could bring. To truly prepare for Spokane weather, it’s probably best to wear a HAZMAT suit, but in case that isn’t your thing, enjoy this Spring Style Guide courtesy of The Gonzaga Bulletin.

For the feminine Zags:

Top a midi or maxi skirt with a cropped sweater for temperate days. Not only will your arms be warm, but you’ll also have sleeves to protect your hands from nasty, COVID-19-infested door knobs. Don’t have a cropped sweater? No problem! Tuck a knit sweater into the bottom band of a sports bra and pull it down until it reaches the top of the skirt.

Mimic the confusing ambiguity of being college-aged and only half adult by layering a blazer over a hooded sweatshirt. This will communicate to others just how confused you are about how old to act and provide some structure to an otherwise plain outfit. Pair with jeans or leggings.

Dress up a crewneck tee or sweatshirt by pairing it with wide leg or patterned pants. Nothing says “spring” like wide leg pants.

Start from the bottom up: pick your shoes first, then work up from there. This will minimize an inappropriate footwear disaster.

For the masculine Zags:

Wear khakis when you reach for sweats. You might just surprise yourself.

Try a monochromatic look but contrast your shoes. If you wear all grey or black, wear a white sneaker. 

Pick out shirts with fun prints or colors that compliment your skin. When in doubt, your roommate will gladly tell you if that Zag beanie really does bring out your eyes.

Plan to “dress up” on the same day as your friends (no, that’s not just for 13-year-old girls). This will help take the pressure off and make your friend group a sight for sore eyes during COG salmon lunch.

Full send the trust fund aesthetic by bringing the polo back. Polos are a great springtime alternative to a collared shirt and can be worn with jeans, khakis or joggers. It doesn’t hurt that they do a great job of showing off your gains from the Rudolf Fitness Center.

More tips for Zags:

Play around with your socks. Colorful socks that show can be fun to contrast a mini skirt or cuffed jeans and bonus points for spring-themed socks.

Take the time to wear jewelry or accessories that make you happy, whether that’s a nice watch or sentimental bracelet. Spring is the time to show it off, because for the first time in months, you might get to have more than just your ankles exposed.

Remember that you are your biggest critic, and it’s okay not to hit it out of the park every day. This is only college, so it’s best not to peak too soon. 

Dressing up is fun, but don’t forget to find value in the person behind the outfit. When all else fails, head-to-toe Zag Shop merch is never the wrong answer. After all, how else could we fund COG salmon?

Kate Sullivan is a staff writer

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