Get adventurous with arts & crafts in your home during quarantine

You don't need to be a talented artist to pick up an entertaining and crafty hobby during your time at home. 

Many of us experiencing quarantine find our daily routine beyond Zoom university a replay of one, two, maybe four naps, and anticipation of awaiting meals and a never-ending void of boredom. Need something to do in your spare time? Now is the time, my friends. No matter your level of artistry or creativity, unleash an inner movement and give the thrill of extreme crafting a try. 

Of course, not everyone has the same availability of crafting materials on hand at home. But, by being resourceful with what is lounging around at home, you can easily discover your next crafting endeavor to tackle. 

Repurpose old clothes

Head back to school this fall with a wardrobe that showcases your own creative flair. Resist your online shopping addiction and get resourceful. Clothes can be repurposed by embroidery, paint or tie-dye. Not only will you impress your classmates with your self-designed pieces, but you are making the sustainable choice by repurposing what you already own. 

Find an old book and some Mod Podge

I know that somewhere in your house is an old book collecting dust. Now, find some scissors. Cutting up a book makes you feel barbaric in the moment, but the end result will be worth it. 

Cut out pictures that pop and create a collection of images that share a vibe or color scheme. Get creative with layering. Collages have more depth when pictures overlap rather than being spaced out and organized. Look out for fun words or lettering fonts to add a more artistic touch. My favorite element to add to collages are fun quotes or even random definitions which add personality. You can even cut out individual letters with a different font and spell whatever you please.  

Then, find something to decorate. A water bottle, laptop case, an old record, a jar or vase — anything works. Make sure to apply glue on the back of the paper and apply an extra layer on top to secure your collage pieces, and let your creation dry overnight. 

Create a positivity art journal

 Have an extra journal at home? Track down the miscellaneous collection of art supplies in your home and find some inspiration on Pinterest. 

Doodle, add pictures and write a different quote on each page that you find motivating or inspirational. This is a great way to release stress and will give you something to look at to spark positivity when feeling sad and gloomy.

Get out and spend some time in the garden

Discover some indoor beauty by pressing flowers, leaves and greenery you find outside. All you have to do is place your flowers or greenery face down inside a heavy book lined with parchment paper and wait about 10 days. Once pressed, use your new potpourri to decorate your room, add them to your art journal or to your Mod Podge creations. 

Resort to Amazon  

Have some extra cash to spend and time to kill? Amazon offers a wide range of crafting kits of varying intensity and skill sets. Looking for a more challenging and tactile crafting endeavor? Amazon carries a plethora of tiny dollhouse kits that will only strengthen your love for all things miniature. What better way to shed some free time than assembling a small velvet couch with decorative pillows? Nothing beats that rewarding feeling after assembly. 

Amazon also offers many starter kits for crafters interested in trying a new hobby, be it embroidery, painting or anything else. I advise you refrain from purchasing tutorial books — so many skills can be learned by YouTube or other media platforms, no financial investment needed. Besides, you will probably find videos more user-friendly when it comes to learning something new. 

Create for others

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and there is no better way to show appreciation than to gift her something with sentiment. If you find yourself in a crafting groove, make a birthday gift for a friend or even tackle your Christmas presents. One can never be too prepared. Just remember to sign your work, “made with love in quarantine.”

Natalie Rieth is a staff writer.

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