For many of us in the midst of midterms, academic procrastination and existing in a perpetual state of Halloween candy coma, planning an elaborate costume has definitely made its way to the bottom of our list of priorities. In any case, if you find yourself in a pickle when the calendar inevitably changes to Oct. 31, have no fear. Here are some spooky, and punny, last minute costumes for all you procrastinators on campus. 

1. Bulldog 

This is for all the die-hard Kennel Club members out there. All you’re going to need is a pair of dog ears, a friend with some face painting skills and a bowl. This costume is sure to bring Kraziness to Oct. 31. 


Dog Ears 



Instructions: Put on the dog ears. Use the eyeliner to draw a dog nose on your human nose and put some dots on your cheeks for a truly animalistic look. Perhaps add some whiskers. Hold the bowl. Ta-da. A true bulldog. 

2. DJ DeSmet 

When you committed to Gonzaga, dressing as the campus DJ is probably not what you were expecting your life would come to, but alas, desperate times call for desperate measures. 


Big head phones 

Portable Speaker 

Name tag that says “DeSmet” 

Instructions: Put on the head phones and play weird music from your speaker. Wear the name tag. 

3. Gingerbread Man 

OK, some of us may have a genetic advantage here but fear not. If you were not born with some extremely helpful red locks, a trip to Spirit Halloween and the grocery store are all you need to be this punny character. 




Optional: Ginger Wig 

Instructions: Puncture a hole at the top of the bag of bread and loop string through it. Make sure there is enough string to make the bread into a necklace. Tie a simple knot. Wear the bread. 

4. "Fifty Shades of Grey" Franchise 

If you’re looking for an off-the-wall group costume or a fresh take on the "Fifty Shades of Grey" last minute costume monopoly, I got your back. 


Lots of gray paint samples 

Lots of dark gray paint samples 

Three friends 


Hot Glue 

Instructions: Glue gray paint samples to a shirt for the first costume. Glue darker gray paint samples to a shirt for the second costume. Get a piece of paper and write “Fifty Shades (Free)d” on it and glue it to a shirt for the third costume. Have that person hand out free paint samples. 

5. Smarty Pants 

If you find yourself with an excessive amount of Halloween candy and no time to gorge yourself in sugar, this one's for you. 



Old or new pants 



Nerd glasses you owned in seventh grade. 

Instructions: Lay out the pants of your choice and using the tape, carefully stick rolls of smarties literally all over your pants. Pop on your nerd glasses and presto. 

6. VSCO Girl 

Much like the gingerbread man costume, some of us are already more advantaged than others in this costume creation. If you find yourself speaking in "sksksksksk(s)" and "and I oop(s)" this one can not be more fitting. 


Long Shirt 


Hydro Flask 


Kanken Backpack 

Instructions: Literally just wear everything and hold the hydro flask. 

7. Snapchat Flower Crown Filter 

This one might be a cop out in terms of last minute halloween costumes, but when it really comes down to the wire, some of us just have to do what we have to do to survive this spooky season. Trust us, if people don’t love you at your snapchat filter costume, they can’t have you at your gingerbread man costume. 



Fake flowers 

Hot glue gun 


It doesn’t get simpler than this, just glue the flowers to the headband. Yay for social media.

8. Breadwinner 

Bread lovers out there, we have not forgotten about you. I hate to say it, but this one might even be easier than the snapchat filter. 


Lots of bread 


Instructions: Hold the bread and wear the medals. 

Kellie Tran is a contributor.


Kellie Tran is a contributor.

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