Looking for some plant decor or advice on how to keep your plant alive? A great spot to find some plants is at the Fern Plant Shop.

At Fern, you will find high-quality healthy houseplants, modern ceramic pots and botanically inspired gifts. They also offer the largest selection of handmade terrariums in the area.

Amy Dolomont and Alex Ekins are the founders and owners of Fern Plant Shop. Dolomont and Ekins both love the beauty of the natural world and serving the local community. They are local entrepreneurs with backgrounds in farming, horticulture and retail.

Dolomont and Ekins wanted to create a community around bringing the beauty of nature indoors. They wanted to offer the community an enchanting retail experience that would be inspirational, fun and rejuvenating.

“At the start of 2020 we were operating a local farm, a handmade gift shop and Fern Plant Shop. Once the first lockdown in March of 2020 occurred we took a few weeks to develop a business plan for the future," Dolomont said. "Given the level of uncertainty at the time we made a strategic decision to close the other two businesses and focus one hundred percent on Fern Plant Shop.”

They wanted to make sure that they were still providing customers with some amazing plants for their homes, but by also following the health guidelines.

GU senior Megan Rowley is pursuing her associates of art while she decides what’s best for herself. She moved to Spokane from Montana in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, when she had finished an active duty tour with the Army reserves.

“For myself, my day is spent in a world of plants and creativity and a lot of repetition, but not in a mind-numbing way. I work in the production department of Fern, making Kokedama, mounted plants and of course terrariums," Rowley said.

A typical day for Rowley includes watering and tending to plants in the morning, weekly inventory, class preparation, re-stocking all three stores of handmade and hand-packaged items and classes. She also generally teaches multiple classes a week in the afternoons and evenings.

At Fern, they also provide terrarium making classes, kokedama workshop and mounted plants. Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai where the roots of a plant are wrapped in moss and bound with string. Kokedama are easy to care for and can be made with a variety of plants.

The mounted plant workshop is a unique way to decorate your space by hanging them vertically on your wall, instead of the typical way.

Lastly, the terrariums workshop is a little plant ecosystem in glassware. In this workshop, they teach all about terrariums, how to create unique terrariums and how to care for it.

 “I would say the classes are much more for the customers’ enjoyment rather than education which can, with some groups, make actually teaching a bit more difficult," Rowley said. "You have to remember that these are paying customers and you need to cater towards what kind of experience they want to have, rather than what you had planned. Some groups prefer to be educated on each individual part or step in the process, while others simply want to laugh with friends and have fun. I’ve learned to roll with whatever group personality I get. People always leave happy. That’s a great feeling.”

At Fern, they cater to what the customer is wanting to do in the class. Dolomont and Ekins described the class as great fun and that many people love signing up with their friends so they can take the classes together.

The classroom is a gorgeous space with bright natural light, big tables to work on, plenty of room to get creative as well as other amenities. The workshops are all-inclusive. They are typically 12 people per class, but they could also set up private session classes.

Fern has three physical shop locations at 309 W. Second Ave., 1526 W. Riverside Ave., and one in Coeur d’Alene. All of the locations are open seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. At Fern, the employees transplant your new plant into your new pot for free. 

“Fern had a really great atmosphere and the workers were super nice and helpful,” said Theo Labay, a GU senior who recently went for the first time. “It made me want to buy all the plants. They also had pots, candles, and other good gift items.”

Stop by and pick up some plants today or shop online at fernplantshop.com. Students can also join the Loyalty Program and earn points towards discounts at Fern. Its Instagram is @fernplantshop_ and Pinterest is @FernPlantShop.

Sofia Sanchez is a staff writer.