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Empire fitness is a new gym located at 1028 N. Hamilton St.

New to Spokane is Empire Fitness, a neighborhood-friendly studio located a short walk from Gonzaga’s campus on 1028 N. Hamilton St. on the first floor of the Matilda Apartments next to Forza Coffee Co. and Clark’s Fork.  

Empire Fitness opened its doors in mid-August with the vision of being a one-stop shop for the health and fitness needs of the Spokane community. At this gym, a person can find everything they need including yoga, cardio, weightlifting and nutrition advice. 

After taking one step through the doors of Empire Fitness, it’s obvious that the studio is aiming to serve the community with the highest quality fitness equipment and training in the area.

The gym holds four spacious rooms including a yoga studio and a cardio, weight and recovery room. 

Each space is filled with technologically advanced equipment. The cardio and weight rooms contain first-rate machines, including a ski-erg that is meant to imitate cross country skiing.

There is a high-quality sound system to blast energetic tunes during workouts. Even the locker room contains an infrared sauna to end a killer workout.

Empire Fitness’s signature class is called EMP, which stands for electro-magnetic pulse. This high energy class is designed like a high-intensity interval training workout that incorporates weight lifting and cardio to promote weight loss while simultaneously building muscle.

All the coaches at Empire Fitness are experienced and can provide modifications and challenges so that each individual gets exactly what they need out of the workout. 

According to the general manager, Lindsay Stockton, it is an unspoken rule at Empire Fitness that when it is working time, the music is turned up loud. Although the classes are not rhythm-based, coaches make new playlists every week so that the right songs are motivating athletes throughout the workout. 

“Empire has everything for a long-term sustainable, healthy life,” Stockton said. “If you choose to work at a professional athlete caliber there are options to do that or if you want to take a month off and just do yoga or just stretch, you can do that there. It’s a really realistic and really holistic health-focused gym. It’s perfect for me, and for a lot of people, for what my goals are post-athlete life.” 

Empire Fitness was founded by two brothers, Houston and David Stockton. Houston was inspired while developing the apartments above the space where Empire Fitness is now located. At first, he tried to convince other people that it was the perfect location for a gym, but when no one was interested he decided to take the project into his own hands and create Empire Fitness himself. 

“We’ve always wanted to be community centered, neighborhood and university focused,” Houston said. “David and I grew up in this neighborhood and care a lot about it. I’ve always tried to do a lot of projects around here because it’s my mission and my family’s mission.”

Empire Fitness is growing steadily and has exciting plans for the future, according to Houston.

Just last weekend, Empire Fitness signed a lease with Wellness Tree, a local Juice Bar and Health Clinic, to open a location inside the gym lobby. In addition, top-of-the-line treadmills will be arriving within the next three weeks for an additional type of cardio class. 

Right now, first classes at Empire Fitness are free. Intro rates for unlimited yoga, EMP and open gym are $115 and come with a punch card to Clarks Fork and free body scan at the Wellness Tree.

Nonmember drop-in rates are $15. Houston said that he has spoken with Gonzaga’s Card Services about having Empire Fitness use Bulldog Bucks.

They are open Monday to Thursday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. The gym is closed Sundays. Class times and schedules can be found online at http://www.empirefitspokane.com

Cara Konowalchuk is a staff writer.

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