For students who rely on routine and their daily dose of their wide-ranging social network, self-quarantine and the 10-person limit for social gatherings might be tough. However, even though “quarantine” sounds miserable, combating cabin fever can be an easy fight. Pick and pull from some of your closest friends and family members and try the following activities for your endless entertainment: 

Clean. The first thing to better health is a clean space. If you live with housemates or family members, throw a spring cleaning party. Living in a neat space will bring peace to your mind and comfort to your body, which are two important conditions to be in when combating disease. 

Cook. Take this time to try new recipes! Maybe dust off your family’s cook book and invite some friends over for a nice meal. Or challenge your housemates to a bake-off and see who can whip up the tastiest dessert. Explore food and learn new ways you can treat your body. Not only is this practice productive, but it will feed your body and soul the nutrients they deserve during these hard times. 

Game Night. Exercise your mind and alliances with your friends or family in a game night tournament. Whether it be a competitive game of cards, Bunko, Monopoly or Settlers of Catan, this is the night to find out who you can trust during these self-preservation times of the pandemic.  

Journal or Blog. This pandemic will be a landmark in history. When you’re older and reminiscing of these times with your quarantine-edition journal or blog, you will be able to look back and tell the stories of what you did and how you felt when daily life was disrupted. 

Play that funky music. Have housemates or siblings craving a jam sesh? Pick up that dusty instrument that you promised yourself you would learn. Who knows, perhaps you’re the next Jack Johnson!

Pick up a new art and hold a paint night. During these dark times, our world needs more color. Get in touch with your artistic side and practice painting, drawing, writing poetry or knitting.

Learn a new language. You might not have anyone to practice with right now, but binge-watching an international series or exploring music of another country might be the first step to familiarizing yourself with a different language. Maybe challenge a friend to do the same and hold a 10-minute conversation in another language. 

Read a fine piece of literature. Those Les Misérables and Jane Eyre books that decorate your bookshelf will only look pretty for so long. Let them enlighten you while they still can.

Host a spa day with your mom, dad, friends or pets! Treat your body well and give it the confidence it needs to be healthy with face masks, mani/pedis and aromatherapy relaxation. 

Host your own at-home version of Survivor. Get into tribes of five with your nine closest athletes and watch as survivors get voted off to Redemption Island. Will it be you? 

Write letters to family and friends and actually send them! Tis’ the season of snail mail. 

Clean again.

Do at-home exercises and find an instructor on YouTube for yoga, aerobics and more. If you can't hit the weights with your gym buddy, hit the screen with a few fit friends and get physical. 

Draw portraits of your friends and see whose looks the best.

Dye your hair a new color. You’re quarantined, so if it goes poorly, no one will know.

Reorganize your furniture. Surprise your family or housemates with a newly arranged living room. Or barely shift all of it two inches and see if they trip. 

Grow a beard and have a competition to see whose will be the bushiest. 

Stretch. Partner stretching is healthy, restful and a great way to bond.

Read the news and stay educated with all that is happening in our nation and world. By staying informed, you can avoid false information on the COVID-19 crisis and take best measures suggested by the CDC, World Health Organization and government. 

Start a hair salon in your bathroom. With this activity, you can prevent the spread of germs in public spaces and keep up with your personal hygiene all at once. In a group of 10 people or fewer, pick who cuts your hair in a competition to see who would make the best hair stylist. 

Sleep. To keep others healthy is to keep yourself healthy. Take advantage of the week-long break from school and the restful nature of online classes and do something no college student has braved before: sleep!

The person-limit can be challenging, but these activities will not only help you get together with close friends and family in a healthy manner, but in an intentional manner, too. Look on the bright side during this time and prioritize health, rest and quality time.

Brooklyn Popp is an arts & entertainment editor. Follow her on Twitter: @Popp_Brooklyn.

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