Teleport Vintage + Co is a new thrift store in Spokane located on 917 W. Broadway Ave. 

Nestled in an old building near Kendall Yards is Teleport Vintage + Co., a vintage consignment store using the old brick building to its advantage. With its curated array of clothing and vintage décor, the store is a holy grail for finding unique pieces for any wardrobe. 

While it only recently opened its doors on March 6, the owner, Paul Forster, has a lifetime of experience. His love for vintage and thrifting comes from his childhood, inspired by his grandfather. 

“My grandpa threw me in a dumpster when I was about 5, and we would dumpster dive,” Forster said. 

From there, his interest only grew. Once online stores like eBay showed that there is money to be made from selling vintage clothing, Forster started dabbling in selling vintage and eventually began selling at other stores in town. While this is his first time owning a store, he has lots of experience consigning and a solid team of purveyors to support Teleport. 

Contrary to other vintage stores in Spokane, Teleport is not a vendor mall. Different sellers sell through Teleport, but Forster organizes by section so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming. Tags on the clothing make it easy to identify the seller and the consigner doesn’t have to pay rent for the space. 

“I wanted to start a place where blue collar people can sell their treasures with the path of least resistance,” Forster said. 

Consigners don’t have to spend the money and time to buy fixtures and manage their space at Teleport. They are able to sell their clothes without added headaches, and Forster is able to control the flow of the store to make it easy and accessible for customers. 

“Stores like this are good for people who appreciate vintage because you can come into the space and know there is going to be a lot of stuff for you, that’s curated for you,” Forster said. 

Teleport is buying, trading and selling clothes all the time. There are new items put out daily, so you are guaranteed a slightly different selection each day. 

Forster included the “Co.” in Teleport Vintage + Co. for a reason. Within Teleport, there are also local Spokane businesses selling products that aren’t clothing. One of these businesses is Kani, an organic, vegan skincare company owned by Stephanie Guerra. Guerra is the creator, chemist, producer and packager of her products and also helps manage the store itself. 

“Everything I do I try to source locally,” Guerra said. 

Along with Kani, Teleport currently sells goods from a local leather maker and jeweler and are working on expanding. Guerra is also in the process of organizing classes and workshops hosted in the back related to Kani and sustainable beauty products. 

Teleport’s location was a huge part of the decision to open. Forster did not want the space to be in downtown Spokane, but also didn’t want to be far removed. The building features beautiful exposed brick and an overall vintage feel, making it easy to adapt for a vintage store. 

“Over the years, I said if I was ever going to do my own store it had to be the right space. And then this space came available,” Forster said. “It was kind of a no brainer.” 

Turnover with their clothing is fast, and they are currently preparing for spring and summer. With everything from Carhartt overalls to fur coats, Teleport has options for kids and adults with all kinds of different styles. 

“The aesthetic is all over the place,” Guerra said. “I love it though.” 

Teleport Vintage + Co. is located on 917 W. Broadway Ave. and is open Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6 p.m., and Monday and Tuesday by appointment only. Its Instagram is

@teleportvintageandco and it posts frequent updates on both its Instagram and Facebook.

Sydney Fluker is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter: @sydneymfluker.


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