It is officially spooky season! With all of us tucked away in our dorms, houses and apartments, one of the biggest student pastimes is to hang out with friends and watch movies.

If you have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Disney+, there are some great films available for you and your friends to watch to get into the Halloween spirit.

If you are craving some Disney Halloween nostalgia, here are a few options available on Disney+.

First, we have the classic, “Hocus Pocus”, a feel-good and comical story about teenage Max Dennison, who unknowingly sets free an ancient coven of evil witches. With the help of his sister, a magical cat and a newfound friend, Max must steal a magic book in order to prevent the three evil, yet hilarious witches from becoming immortal.

Next, we have the timeless story of Ichabod Crane in the old Disney film, “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”, narrated by Gonzaga’s most famous alumni, Bing Crosby. The story of Ichabod Crane is the second short film in “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”, so you may need to fast forward to watch it.

The story is about a spindly schoolmaster named Ichabod Crane who comes to a small town called “Sleepy Hollow” where he falls in love with the town sweetheart, Katrina Van Tassel, and competes for her hand with the town tough guy, Brom Bones. All the while, Ichabod learns of and fears the town’s local legend, the Headless Horseman. The film brings out our love for old animation, with lighthearted comedy but also foreboding suspense.

If you want to watch something creepier but still seek the classics, the Tim Burton film, “Beetlejuice,” would be a great choice.

The film is about young Barbara and Adam Maitland who die in a car accident and are forced to haunt their home as ghosts. When they realize that an intolerable family called the Deetzes move in with their gaunt daughter, Lydia, the Maitlands try desperately to scare the family away, but with no success. Their efforts attract an impish demon named Beetlejuice who soon becomes dangerous to the Maitland ghosts and Lydia Deetz.

These previous films are lower on the scare-scale, but now, some films that really give you the creeps.

The film, “Silence of the Lambs,” is a suspenseful horror about a young FBI officer in training, Clarice Starling, instructed to interview the brilliant yet psychopathic psychiatrist, Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Lecter serves a life-sentence in prison, guilty of multiple murders, cannibalism, and really giving everyone the creeps. Although the film has no jump scares, the horrifyingly calm character of Hannibal Lecter will chill you to your core when he delivers his most infamous line, “hello, Clarice.”

The film, “Hereditary,” is yet another horror that leaves its audience officially freaked.

It begins with the Graham family matriarch passing away, leaving her daughter and her family to unravel the cult-like and cryptic secrets of the family history.

“Hereditary” begins with striking suspense as the family seems to fall apart, tragedy after tragedy, later revealing unforeseen character connections and blood-curdling realizations that leave you awestruck.

Halloween season is perfect for watching a Stephen King film, his most successful one is “The Shining.”

“The Shining” is a purely suspenseful film, no jump scares at all, but is equally thrilling on the scare-scale. The story begins with Jack Torrance, a writer seeking to cure his writers block by becoming the caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel in the mountains.

As the days drag on, Jack Torrance struggles with his writing, falling into a manic psychosis as his wife and son further descend into a fearful mania as the hotel reveals its frightening history through visions and apparitions.

“The Shining” thankfully, will not leave you totally shaken, but will have you wondering about the mysteries of the human mind when it is forced into isolation.

These movies continue to climb up the scare-scale, but “The Conjuring,” will definitely have you clinging to your friends in the dark.

“The Conjuring” is about the famous demonologists and paranormal investigators, Lorraine and Ed Warren, who aid the Perron family when they experience paranormal activity in their new home, a sequestered farmhouse with a dark history.

The supernatural happenings seem benign at first but take a horrifying turn as the family and demonologists discover a supernatural entity terrorizing the family. The film uses the most frightful jump scares and builds an unbearable amount of suspense as the family and demonologists battle the unnatural, leaving you racing for the light switch.

Some of the films are feel-good, comical movies with a satisfying ending, and some are terrifying, suspenseful and will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Take your pick, each movie will definitely give you the official Halloween experience.

Lauren Thomas is a staff writer. 

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