The hype around Soundcloud rappers and “underground” music is quickly growing as music lovers search for sounds that aren’t overplayed on every single radio station.

Gonzaga freshmen, Brody Jessee and Josiah Saifoloi, bring some serious heat to the Soundcloud hype with a new single “Alright,” which gives listeners a small taste of the duo's talent.

The single was written, recorded and edited in less than four hours. 

“Writing is the easiest part, but the mixing process is difficult because it needs to fill the space of the headphones," Jessee said. "It needs to sound complete."

Jessee has been working with producing since fifth grade when he gave Garageband a whirl.

With Jessee's background and Saifoloi’s deep vocals, the duo has created an impressive track.

Sticking to songs with vibes like conscious rap, Jessee and Saifoloi have put together music that speaks to young adults who struggle mentally and emotionally as they navigate big changes. 

By communicating such a hard and personal topic, the vulnerability level of both artists was pretty nerve wracking and the stakes seemed a bit higher. 

Saifoloi is a Hawaiian native, and uses his feeling of homesickness and culture shock once he got to Spokane as his muse. 

“One of the biggest challenges for me is mustering up the confidence to sing into the mic and get out of my comfort zone,” Saifoloi said. 

As far as promotion for the song goes, Jessee likes to take a more hands off approach and let the music land where it may, but Saifoloi finds no shame in using social media to get the word out about their new release.   

Jessee and Saifoloi both recognize there is a passion for music in their lives, and it’s a huge part of who they are.

“I don’t think I’ll ever fall out of this love for music,” Jessee said.

“It’s cathartic and it’s a release,”  Saifoloi said.

Music has been a part of both artists' lives for such a long time, and they’ve developed a huge passion for creating and sharing their views in a way that is fun and challenging, and it shows in their track, “Alright." 

Stream their music on Soundcloud - @Zagona and @JUCE.


Kayla Friedrich is a staff writer.

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