This week, the Theatre and Dance department will debut its newest play: "Dog Sees God: the Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead."

"Dog Sees God" is a dark comedy that was written by Bert V. Royal in 2005. The production is based on Charles Schultz’s beloved Peanuts franchise and follows their time throughout high school.

“The story revolves around CB (Charlie Brown) and his journey from the toxicity he and his friends created for each other," said director Sid Al-Thumali. "It deals with self acceptance or self love as it tackles mental health, high school, sexuality and finding your identity.”

This is Al-Thumali's first time directing a play.

“I really see the show as something that we all had a hand in making. This play was very challenging to do because previous productions of the show are more satirical than the Peanut’s aspects of it, but that was not what the cast or crew wanted to do,” Al-Thumali said.   

Senior Carson Stowell is playing CB. Stowell played Jamie in "The Last Five Years" and Rolland in "Constellations." He will also play Puck in the upcoming "A Midsummer’s Night Dream."

Stowell said that doing both "Dog Sees God" and "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" was difficult, but rewarding.

"You go through all of this hard work, but when it’s finished you just have this surreal feeling for however many days the show goes on,” Stowell said. 

Stowell said that even though the play was written in 2005, many of the topics it covers remain relevant.

"We get lots of themes like LGBT, sexual assault, suicide and drugs," Stowell said. "With this we are able to see the harsh realities of life."

The play is R-rated due to the mature elements including violence, strong language, sexual themes, drug use, suicide and alcohol consumption. 

The show runs from today until Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Magnuson Theater. Tickets cost $5. They are available either at the door or through cashnet. 

Jordan Corder is a staff writer.

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