On Friday, the Gonzaga Student Body Association (GSBA) is holding its annual spring concert featuring The Mowglis, an indie rock band best known for its hit songs, “I’m Good” and “San Francisco.” 

The concert will take place in Cataldo Globe Room at 7:30 p.m. 

GSBA hosts a large event every semester, and the spring event usually features a concert on campus. Past spring concert performances include Marc E. Bassy, Florida Georgia Line and Death Cab for Cutie. Taylor Sipila, director of campus events, plans the large GSBA events of the fall and spring semesters with help from the weekend event coordinators. She said GSBA likes to choose up-and-coming artists that students know of.

Tickets for The Mowglis concert can be purchased on GSBA’s Cashnet site, commerce.cashnet.com/GSBA, during GSBA tablings and at Hemm Den Coffeehouse performances. Tickets can be purchased with credit or debit card and with Bulldog Bucks. Even though the concert occurs during tenting for the GU men’s basketball game against Saint Mary's, students will be released from their tents to encourage attendance at the concert. 

“This concert is a really great opportunity to save money, and it is a great way for students who don’t have transportation and can’t drive to places like the Knitting Factory or who don’t have financial means to do so," said Kurt Husler, one of the weekend events coordinator for GSBA. "It’s also really fun, a great stress reliever and a way to enjoy and expand music horizons.”

The concert will also feature an opening performance by Ava Smith, one of the weekend event coordinators for GSBA, and her older sister Madison, a GU alumna. The two perform together as part of a pop cover duo, titled Madi and Ava, and have an upcoming EP that will be released across various streaming platforms later this year. 

“We will be playing a mix of original songs that we have written and a couple covers as well," Smith said. "As a graduating senior, I am thrilled that I can get involved on campus by doing something I love to do and even more thrilled that I can be a part of celebrating GSBA and the Gonzaga community in such a cool way." 

"GSBA events, including the upcoming Mowglis concert, help provide opportunities for students to grow, both academically and socially," Sipila said. 

Smith said GSBA events can help foster relationships at GU.

 “GSBA aims to help build community between students," Smith said. "We have so many dedicated, wonderful people that strive to make Gonzaga better with each passing day. The events that are put on through all of these people are so important and focus on growing the Gonzaga student in so many different ways than just academic.

"This is the space where the GU mission can really come alive. I would really urge any GU student, first-year or not, to check out our social media accounts and look for events and announcements to get more involved.”

For more information about The Mowglis concert, upcoming GSBA events and GSBA elections, follow @gogsba on Instagram and Twitter.

Catherine Vaughn is a staff writer.

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