A house on East Sharp Avenue stands out among the rest. No one lives there. Instead, you’ll find a cozy little restaurant called Clover.

Located across the street from Jack & Dan’s Bar and Grill at 913 E. Sharp Ave., Clover serves Mediterranean inspired food with a twist, using personal recipes from the chefs and owners. 

Following their passion for food and family, the owners opened Clover seven years ago. Before that, it was home to a gourmet hot dog and hamburger restaurant.

Restaurant supervisor Jannelle Williams said the owners Scott and Liz McCandless’ vision was to have a restaurant centered around community connection and making people feel at home.

“I think Scott McCandless wants a really open-hearted feel to the restaurant,” Williams said. “[Clover] has such a friendly, accommodating feel to it that’s really warm and welcoming. I think that’s what makes this such a unique restaurant.” 

Executive chef Kory Schinanski has been working at Clover for six years and takes great pride in his food. The Spokane native uses fresh and when possible, local produce to create his unique dishes. 

“We have a lot of freedom here, so it’s really nice to be able to express ourselves through our food,” Schilanski said.

The menu changes every six months and features seasonal ingredients. Schinanski and his team recently updated Clover’s current menu cycle, which includes dishes like an Eastern Mediterranean summer salad and charred Pacific octopus.

Aside from the expertly crafted food and outstanding service, what truly sets Clover apart is its commitment to fostering a family atmosphere.

“The group we have here is very special,” Schinanski said. “I’ve been cooking for 15 years and this has been one of the best groups of individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with.” 

To add a personal touch to the restaurant, the McCandless’ adorned the walls with pictures from Scott’s childhood, as well as photos from the previous owners. From the McCandless’ wedding photo in the alcove by the bar to the 1940 Christmas card at the bottom of the staircase, one can’t help but feel as though they’ve been welcomed into someone’s home.

Although Gonzaga students don’t make up much of the typical client base since some of its pricier menu items push $40 (looking at you, 12 oz. Ribeye), during special events like ZagFam and Move-in weekends, Clover will see an influx of GU families.

Clover also has a particularly special connection to the Gonzaga community, being less than a five-minute walk from campus.

The house was owned by GU before it became a restaurant and was used as an off-campus student recreation center.

The storied history of 913 E. Sharp Ave. and the fresh gourmet food all but guarantee a great experience at Clover.

“The atmosphere here is completely different than at any place I’ve ever worked at,” Schilanski said. “It’s more of a family here than just a job, we’re all pretty much brothers and sisters.” 

Devan Iyomasa is a contributor.

Clover menu: http://cloverspokane.com/dinner-menu/

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