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Successful workout studios and gyms near GU, has created a community in Spokane that students feel welcomed in, away from campus.

The number of successful workout studios and gyms near GU has created a community in Spokane that students feel welcomed in away from campus. 

There are always new workout fads and exercises that ebb and flow, but a few fitness studios in the Spokane area have remained consistent for some time. Among countless in the general Spokane-metro area, The Union Studios is a popular choice for many GU students.  

“All of the classes are difficult which allows me to get a good workout, but the people are also awesome so I feel like it’s a second home,” senior Devon Smith said. 

The Union Studios offers classes such as spin, TRX and yoga. Many students are drawn to the immense fitness options in Spokane because of the one-credit P.E. elective GU offers through various workout studios in town. Students registered in off-campus fitness classes must attend them at least twice a week. Most of the fitness electives GU offers are at studios close to campus, including The Union Studios' location at 7704 N. Division St. 

Students enrolled at The Union Studios in particular, can choose from a variety of classes offered and switch between each one. 

The common denominator in The Union Studios' success seems to come from the support and camaraderie of the staff and clients. 

“The instructors are so invested in you becoming and being the best version of yourself and they inspire everyone in the room, no matter if it’s their first time at The Union or their 200th time,” Smith said. 

A similar positive atmosphere has been found at Core Four Collective, located at 125 S. Stevens St. The owner, Janelle Breannan, knew the type of workout experience she wanted her clients to have.

"We want to be what you need that day," Breannan said. "I just need some love. Be that love for yourself.” 

She encourages people who come to Core Four Collective to "Come as you are and be who you want to be.” 

Her location in downtown Spokane and her team caters to many GU students.  

“My favorite part about it are the people that work there," said junior and cheerleader, Shannon Page. "They’re all super nice and the instructors too." 

The classes include yoga, kickboxing, barre and TRX. This combination has GU students, cheerleaders in particular, coming their way. 

“There are four of us cheer girls that are ambassadors for them,” Page said.

The vast majority of classes that both The Union Studios and Core Four Collective offer have persuaded students to get off campus and find alternative fitness routines outside a gym. 

“I really like the group fitness classes because there is constant motivation, and you are all working together to better yourself and take care of your body,” Smith said. 

Fitness routines seem to constantly change, but the Rudolph Fitness Center on GU’s campus has picked up on the classes that sell to students. They have numerous classes offered including jazzercise, spin, TRX, yoga and more that can be taken for a flat rate of $25 a semester per student.  

According to Smith, there is a different community working out at a fitness studio compared to an on-campus workout, but both sides have their perks. 

“I like being able to get off campus and have a community outside of GU,” Smith said.

Emma Ulring is a contributor. 

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