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Annanel Gelmetti, a junior at Gonzaga University, inspires others with her talents such as singing and playing guitar to bring music to people's ears.

Annabella Gelmetti is waiting for no one. Originally from Portland, she has made her way to Gonzaga and has brought an extensive amount of knowledge to the music department when she came to GU this year as a junior.

What started out as an interest in guitar and singing at 5 years old, a sudden draw to the saxophone and later finding passion in writing music on her own has landed Gelmetti a killer set-up to further her career in music. 

“I started writing my own songs at 7 and once I got into high school I was thinking ‘this is something that I can do,’” Gelmetti said. “I’m really lucky that I got to develop my relationship with music at such a young age.”

Fast-forward to her junior year of college, Gelmetti has declared a major in music composition. 

On top of her own interest in music, Gelmetti attributes a lot of her growth in her musical talents to her father, Edmund Gelmetti, who also plays multiple instruments and has his own production company that Annabella helps him operate named “The Council Productions.”

“I definitely inherited my independence from my dad and it’s allowed me to support myself in a lot of ways, but really in my music,” Gelmetti said. 

She is a multi-instrumentalist, a composer and a producer and she’s not even close to stopping there. 

One of her biggest motivations is the opportunity to collaborate in the music world which brings together creative minds that make a product that is sublime. 

Chasing this goal led Gelmetti to an opportunity to compose an original piece for the GU dance program during “Love Your Body” week. 

“The song that I composed was called ‘Tapestry’ and the dance was named 'Tethered Edges’. The song was completely made for the dance and it was sort of by accident,” Gelmetti said. “Working with the dance program really opened my eyes to what bringing creative minds together can really do.” 

Gelmetti is heavily inspired by the people and scenarios around her but she is recognized as a humble inspiration amongst her peers. 

Mia Nicholson, a friend of Gelmetti's from Portland finds Gelmetti's drive and talent to be a beautiful yet somehow lethal combination.

“One thing I will say, is that no one should ever underestimate her,” Nicholson said. 

Nicholson attended community college with Gelmetti for two years and was nothing short of amazed by her natural inclination toward music and the grace with which she was able to reach her goals. 

“There was no one else there that I’d met that was as gung-ho as Annabella. I mean she’s a star that has so much ambition and enthusiasm and intelligence. She is extremely smart and embraces all of her opportunities,” Nicholson said. 

Gelmetti's humble nature and determination to keep getting in touch with her musical talents is something that rubbed off on Nicholson. 

Nicholson said watching Gelmetti's efforts on learning to compose her music in a more sophisticated way has led her to do the same. 

“The things that she composes are just dreamy and the lyrics are beautiful,” Nicholson said. “When I watched and listened to her play one of her songs on the guitar, I was inspired to pick up my guitar and start playing.” 

The sky's the limit for Gelmetti when she looks at the future of her musical endeavors. She is determined to have her own recording studio and produce her music and anyone else’s who wants to get their sound out. 

“I will never stop performing original music,” Gelmetti said. 

On Gelmetti’s social media, you can check out what she’s working on and watch her journey as a musician unfold: 

Instagram: @annabellamusic

Facebook: @annabellamusic

Kayla Friedrich is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter: @friedrich_kayla.

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