Sandos, located at 1602 N. Ash St., serves different variations of breakfast and lunch sandwiches. 

For those on the go who need something larger than a few bites of sugary carbs in a bowl of stale milk in the morning, Sandos might be for you.

Sandos is a new sandwich shop that opened in Spokane at 1602 N. Ash St. It wants to carve out its own niche in the diets of all the people in Spokane. With a different desired audience than most other sandwich restaurants, one can hope it will be a unique addition to the city.

Sandos mainly serves breakfast-style sandwiches, many include a variety of greens, as well as eggs and hearty servings of protein alongside them.

It also serves lunch sandwiches besides its breakfast options. However, from my own experience when I went, I can safely say that their main specialty is that of trying to create a more hearty breakfast for people on the go in the early hours, rather than trying to compete with the likes of Subway or Jersey Mike’s during the lunchtime rush of customers.

When considering what you might want to grab for breakfast while you are driving your car in the morning, Sandos could be a great option if you want something that will fill up your stomach for the whole day. There are a variety of options to enhance your day through its sandwiches, giving your body the nutrients you will need for a successful day.

However, there are some things that you should know before visiting Sandos in the morning for a quick bite to eat, with the most pressing matter being that same quickness.

Sandos is not the fastest when compared to other fast-food joints that it competes with for breakfast — my friends and I got there well after the lunch rush yet there was still a huge line almost blocking the street from its driveway. It took us about 20 minutes to get our food, waiting in line in our car the entire time. For a place trying to serve food in the morning, this very well might be an issue because in the morning many of us are going be rushing from one place to another and a place that adds another 20 minutes onto that definitely will dissuade some from considering it for their morning drive.

The food, while decently priced for a sandwich at about $10, was fairly small. With the amount of time in line and the price, we assumed it would be slightly bigger.

Another thing was that the cheese was not melted for my ham and brie, nor was it for both of my friends' sandwiches — not a deal breaker but it was something that we expected.

However, these aspects do not take away from the fact that the sandwiches did have high-quality ingredients when compared to what else people might get in the morning, such as a snack from McDonald's or Starbucks. The meat tasted good and was well cut, and the bread was well toasted, forming a sandwich that tasted a lot better than we were expecting.

Overall, Sandos is a place that knows what it wants to do: serve a more hearty sandwich in the morning to hungry customers that are looking for a more complete breakfast in the morning. It has the options to do this well and can fulfill that niche in the market. If you are looking to help jumpstart your day with a better-than-average sandwich for a decently affordable price, Sandos might be the place for you whenever you are driving hungry in the morning.

Dominic Busch is a staff writer.