Top card and board games

Card and board games are a great way to spend a night in with housemates and/or roommates. 

With COVID-19 sticking around for the long haul and subsequent corresponding restrictions of social gatherings, finding new ways to stay entertained is more important now than ever.

These card  and board games will allow your housemates and roommates to bond with each other more, whether you wish to make the games very competitive or just want to have a fun time.

Here are the top three card games and top three board games to play with your housemates and/or roommates.



Ready to test out your reflexes and knowledge of what numbers are consecutive? Because if you are, Speed is the game that does exactly that. With the fast pace and use of rapid fire awareness, Speed is a great way to get together with your housemates and/or roommates and skyrocket the energy in your house from zero-to-100 really quickly. It may be frustrating at first, especially playing with friends who are quick-witted, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be mastering the game in no time.


Similarly to Speed, Spoons is an all time classic card game that can get the blood pumping and raise the heart rate to a healthy level. The musical chairs-like card game embraces the ideas of competitiveness and awareness in a great way, as once you get four-of-a-kind (four aces, four sevens, etc.) the game turns into the ultimate race of not being the last one to pick up a spoon. Just be prepared to have a tug of war with one of your friends when fighting for that final spoon, because you definitely don’t want to be kicked out of the game.


Everyone’s favorite weekend game with the squad, poker is one of the best card games to play with your friends during these times. Whether you are playing for real money with the poker chips (responsibly, of course) or using goldfish instead, poker games like Texas Hold 'em and blackJack are fun games that can let you practice your poker face and bond with the people you are living with. Furthermore, if you have never played before, there will always be someone to help you out, but once you get the hang of it, just remember not everyone will lend a helping hand.



A game that goes way back, Monopoly is one of the more ordinary board games, but is always remembered as a classic board game. The fun thing about Monopoly is that it can be applied to real life situations, especially if you are a finance or business major, if you are so ambitious to have a monopoly one day. Even if the game goes longer than you would like, Monopoly is the Mount Everest of board games and it would be disrespectful to not put it on the list. 


Although it may not be the traditional household board game, One Night Werewolf is a different game to play with your friends that can change up the typical board game roulette. With the objective of finding the werewolves, One Night Werewolf becomes a game everyone can get behind, especially with the Halloween season approaching.

“[One Night Werewolf] is quick, works with a large group and changes every time,” junior Scott Tornquist said.


If you thought Monopoly was a game for OG board gamers, The Settlers of Catan is on another level. What has now become a world-renowned board game, not much is needed to explain why Catan is one of the most popular board games to play. Tornquist said even though the game is easy to learn, it is difficult to master.

All in all, whether you are a big board game and/or card game fan or not, these activities can change your weekly routine and form stronger connections with your friends.

“Board games are how I met my friends freshman year,” Tornquist said. “Two years later we are all living together and they are my family here at GU, all thanks to some board games.”

Vinny Saglimbeni is a sports editor. Follow him on Twitter: @vinnysaglimbeni.

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