In typical circumstances, it feels like a luxury to work from home. But once we are demanded to stay home for an indefinite amount of time, getting back to the day-to-day classroom seems like a dream. If it is hard for you to identify the fine line between working hard and feeling lethargic or distracted in your at-home workspace, don't worry, there are ways to make this temporary lifestyle easier. 

First, delete Tik Tok and all other social media. At least for the day, don’t worry, you can redownload it once you’re finished with your work. But be honest with yourself and know that if you’re like me, you can easily spend hours on your phone without even remembering how you got onto Instagram. 

Then clean your workspace, and maybe the whole house. A clean space means a healthy mind, and a healthy mind means you’re ready to focus. It is hard to feel relaxed and get cracking on work in a messy room. If you’re working in your bedroom, make your bed every morning and pick up the clothes off the designated-clothes chair. If you need a work break, consider cleaning your bathroom or the kitchen. Especially in these times, regularly cleaning your space will not only help you mentally, but it is probably best to disinfect your house every now and then to keep everyone healthy. 

Reorganize your furniture so the at-home office or classroom feels like a new place. Make sure the room you’re working in is one you really want to be in. Sometimes new things can feel refreshing, so give your room a new look. This will help you enjoy being in your room and will make you want to use your desk as a productive space instead of storage. If you want to go the extra mile, hang up some aesthetic lights, buy a candle or oil diffuser and decorate so that your room is a pleasing place to work in. 

Create a routine for yourself and stick to it. If your typical Monday-through-Friday routine kept you sane. Even at home, you can stack your to-do list with enough productive and enjoyable activities to keep yourself from catching cabin fever. Make your bed every morning, prepare a nice breakfast that offers brain power and get to work. Perhaps choosing an exercise hour every day will keep your routine running smoothly and keep you motivated. Or if you have a work-hard-play-hard mentality, set goals and reward yourself daily.  

Keep exciting things on your schedule. Once you have a general routine that you can follow, throw in activities that aren’t work related. This could be a lunch break, a puzzle, thirty minutes for the guitar or your go-to instrument, going for a walk or a conversation over tea with a family member or housemate. Even if those thrills comes from the little things, throw something into your routine to keep your days exciting. 

Dress to impress. The common saying “Dress well, test well” is not just an anecdote. If you are feeling tired and lazy, that might be because you’ve been wearing the same pair of sweats and a grungy T-shirt for three days straight. Instead, freshen yourself up by brushing your hair and putting on real clothes and get to work. Dress to impress, even if it is just for yourself. 

Cook good food. If you don’t already know your kitchen better than it knows itself, now is the time to do so. Use this extra time at home to organize your kitchen and utilize it. Keep things saucy with your spice rack, feel fresh with your refrigerator and quit icing out your freezer. Even challenge yourself to using all the food in your cabinets and refrigerator before you go to the grocery store for the next batch of groceries. This is a good time to master new recipes and teach yourself how to cook good food that is not just good for your body, but good for your soul. By getting in touch with your kitchen, you are also teaching yourself to enjoy another part of the home you are stuck inside, anyway. 

Finally, sleep well. Working from home doesn’t mean a full eight hours of sleep is no longer necessary. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule at night will help you to feel energized and alert in the daytime. Not only is practicing healthy sleep schedules helpful for your work day, but it is simply a healthier way to live. During these times where we are required to stay home to prevent sickness, letting your body rest well and efficiently is one important factor to staying healthy.

Brooklyn Popp is an arts & entertainment editor. Follow her on Twitter: @Popp_Brooklyn.

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