Boots Bakery & Cafe is located downtown on 24 W. Main Ave. and is serving vegan meal options. 

No matter your dietary preferences, Spokane is home to restaurants and cafes of many styles.

“It is extremely important that Spokane has vegan restaurants,” Hunt said. “Not only to cater to vegans in Spokane but also to show the community how delicious vegan food can be.”

As an animal product free diet, vegan dishes can be hard to find in restaurants.

While many restaurants do a great job of serving vegan food in Spokane, there are always new places to try out.

In fact, even if a restaurant does not have a full vegan dish, many restaurants are willing to alter dishes to make them vegan.

“I have had great experiences with vegan restaurants in Spokane,” said Delaney Hunt, a senior. “I think a lot of restaurants do a good job of being able to make most meals vegan.”

Recently, Spokane has made great strides on having a wide variety of accessible options for vegan and non-vegans alike.

“All walks of life can enjoy plant-based eating and you don’t have to be vegan in order to enjoy the food,” said Josh Lorenzen, owner of the Spokane restaurant Rüt.


Looking for a great vegan breakfast or study spot? Check out Boots Bakery and Lounge, located in downtown Spokane on 24 W. Main Ave. 

Hosting a whole fare of vegan goodies, Boots’ items are all also gluten free. As fall rolls in, be sure to try out their popular pumpkin waffles with chai butter.

Additionally, Boots also has a coffee bar and a variety of baked goods. All of its food is made in house and there is often an array of rotating items, so check back every few days to see their new offerings. 


Vegan pizza can be hard to find but Allie’s Vegan Pizzeria & Café have a fully vegan menu for pizzas of any kind. 

From specialty pizzas to customizable pizzas with their toppings (which includes an impressive list of vegan meat), Allie’s can satisfy vegans and meat lovers alike.

While its pizzas are delicious, Allie’s also has a plethora of other exciting vegan options ranging from cheesy breadsticks to vegan cheesecake. It makes all of its sauces, dough and cheese homemade, guaranteeing a delicious and fresh meal. Find Allie's on 1314 S. Grand Blvd. 


Located on the South Hill of Spokane on 901 W. 14th Ave., Rüt is redefining vegan fare in restaurants.

“We just want people to feel comfortable and welcome to trying out plant-based food,” Lorenzen said.

While all of the dishes at Rüt are vegan, they are more than just vegetables. It serves a wide variety of comfort foods from meatless burgers to truffle macaroni and cheese. In fact, one of the most popular dishes that Rüt sells is a Crispy Not-Chicken Sandwich. 

“The most important part about Rüt is that it shows people that you’re able to eat plant based and still have comfort food and still enjoy yourself,” Lorenzen said.

In addition to its delicious food, Rüt also hosts a list of impressive craft cocktails and a modern and artistic atmosphere. Be sure to check out its delicious food.


Located in downtown Spokane on 214 N. Howard St., Mizuna has a sophisticated and honest approach to responsible dining. Another great option for dinner, they bring fresh, delicious and creative food to their tables.

While it may not be entirely vegan or vegetarian, Mizuna has a unique separate vegetarian menu with a plethora of vegan options.

“I know Mizuna is not entirely vegan,” Hunt said. “But it is a great option for when family comes to visit.” 

In fact, according to the Mizuna website, vegetarian fare has always been a focal point of the restaurant.

Sure to please everyone, Mizuna also has an array of craft cocktails, wine and microbrews.

Georgia Cosola is a staff writer.