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The Scoop has two locations: one in the South Hill at 1001 W. 25th Ave., and one in Kendall Yards at 1238 W. Summit Pky. 

When you open the door to either location of The Scoop, you are immediately hit by the wonderful waffle cone scent and that’s when you know you are in for a treat, both literally and figuratively. 

“Everyone is always in a good mood,” said Kendra Peters, a sophomore at Gonzaga and current employee at the Kendall Yards location of The Scoop. “All the customers are so happy, and you don’t really run into customers who are in a bad mood because how could you when you’re getting ice cream?”

Every time I wait in line at The Scoop, I find myself overwhelmed with joy as I excitedly make my way toward the ice cream cases that are always filled with so many delicious and unique flavors. 

The Scoop prides itself on making everything in house and at the highest quality possible. This happened after the owner, Jennifer Davis, had to find an alternative for ice cream when her original vendor, Brain Freeze, decided to make their own shop a mere three miles from Davis’ store.

“I just did what everybody does these days and I figured out how to make ice cream on the internet," Davis said. "I came across liquid nitrogen and we started playing around with it and using it. I knew we could make it in 3-to-6 feet of space, and I knew we wouldn’t have to get a bunch of equipment and the rest is history.”

I feel confident saying that you can’t find another ice cream place in Spokane that serves ice cream like flavors cheese plate, Thai iced tea, Dole whip soft serve and banoffee pie — and that’s not even scratching the surface on the plethora of flavors The Scoop has to offer. 

Davis recalled multiple stories of times they created a flavor for an event or a theme week in the shop thinking they'd be throw away flavors and now they are some of the shop's long time best sellers. 

“We were doing this wine event and I thought we needed to do something really special, and really cool that goes with wine and I love cheese plates and charcuterie things,” Davis said. “I couldn’t necessarily put in salami but we did all the other stuff. That one was crazy. So many people from that event searched us out and said they needed to have that, now it’s one of our most popular flavors.”

Cheese plate is an apricot ice cream with goat cheese, figs and cashews. 

That experience sent Davis and her staff on a journey to make the most unique ice cream they could. A fun example of this was when they decided to do a “Game of Thrones” themed run of ice cream that included Jon Snow cookie dough, which is now named "black-and-white cookie dough" and is one of their bestselling flavors along with "giants milk and cookies," which was a flavor Davis thought would be a throw away but is now one of the top flavors.

The success of The Scoop on the South Hill led Davis to expand, and she hit the jackpot with her location. 

“I’d been looking to expand but I also didn’t want to expand just to expand," Davis said. "In August 2019 Brain Freeze was shut down. It was at that point I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I need to get to Kendall Yards.’ That should have been my space. So, I made it happen and everything was lined up. I was able to buy their equipment at a really good deal, the timeline was perfect that we could work on it over the winter and then launch it. It was a space that everybody already knew for ice cream for five years before.”

As of Monday, the Kendall Yards location has been open for one year. Davis credits some of the success of both locations to the differences between the two. At Kendall Yards you can treat yourself to gelato and bubble waffles while at the South Hill you can have Dole whip.

“We can’t do samples right now which makes it tough to decide but everyone should know that there really is no way to go wrong,” said Addie Hornbeck, a senior at GU and former employee at the Kendall Yards location.

“Our cookie sandwiches are so good," she continued. "We have a baker who makes all our pastries and everything and they are all fresh so when you get a cookie sandwich you are getting fresh cookies and ice cream. We also do The Scoop sampler and I think it’s $6.50 and it’s five baby scoops in a bowl so you can try a bunch of different flavors if you’re having a hard time deciding. It also looks really cute.”

Davis and her staff are working on creating a mango sticky rice flavor, rhubarb flavors and are starting a competition where people can submit their own flavors in honor of their one year anniversary in Kendall Yards and since summer is on the horizon.

“I never thought I was that creative,” Davis said. “I honestly thought I was more of a bookkeeper type; I like numbers and being able to solve and finish something. But it turns out I’m way more of a dreamer. I’m way more of a creative type. I don’t want to do books. I don’t want to do any of that stuff. I want to come up with ice cream flavors. Every year I get a little bit closer to that.”

The Scoop South Hill: 1001 W. 25th Ave.

The Scoop Kendall Yards: 1238 W. Summit Pky.

Riley Utley is a copy editor. Follow her on Twitter: @rileyutley.


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