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Kalico Kitchen is now open at 1829 N. Monroe St. from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday.


Beloved Gonzaga brunch haven, Kalico Kitchen, moved to a new location on the corner of Monroe Street and Indiana Avenue. The new location boasts more booths, more tables, a new coffee bar and the same great customer service. 

Kalico Kitchen has been proudly serving Gonzaga students, faculty and alumni since 2003. It's best known for its delicious brunch menu and GU memorabilia.

The last day at the old location, 2931 N. Division St., was Oct. 31 and it is not looking back. The new location is much bigger with five new booths, two more tables, 17 new counter spots and one new wheelchair accessible counter spot. 

There are many improvements that appear at the new location. The restaurant before them installed a bar area in the back of the building and at first, the owners did not know what to do with it. But, the owner ended up turning it into a coffee bar with free Wi-Fi and a new espresso machine. 

Owner Charlie Baziotis invites students to come in, take a seat, bring their laptops and study just like they would at a typical coffee shop. He also promises the same great service with waiters and waitresses taking your coffee order from your seat. Baziotis said you can also order food in case you get hungry during your studies. 

Baziotis also expressed excitement over new inclusions like a kombucha tap, nitro cold brew and the Lotus power drink. Soon, they will obtain a wine and beer license to serve morning mimosas. Mimosas cannot be purchased with Bulldog Bucks and can only be served to those over the age of 21. 

“We’ve got one shot every time customers walk through that door to take care of them, and if we blow that, there is way too much competition out there,” Baziotis said. 

Baziotis wanted to keep the same vibe and atmosphere as the old place as much as possible. So, he brought over all of the GU memorabilia and made the space look very similar to the old location. The new location is still GU centered and displays pride for all of GU’s incredible athletes on the walls. 

“We wanted to maintain that integrity with the students, because every time the students come in, they are phenomenal people,” Baziotis said. 

The menu has stayed mostly the same except for two key items. All omelets are going to be replaced with scrambles.

“It is basically the same thing, but it is all scrambled together with cheese on top, rather than rolled up with cheese in the middle,” Baziotis said.

Kalico Kitchen also added the new Chicken Waffle Sandwiches to the menu for $11.99 and an extra $2 to add avocado. You can choose between a firehouse ranch, spicy BBQ, honey maple and a club chicken. 

Baziotis highlighted the importance of great service with the new place. Baziotis stressed that the team will be on its A game with increased speed. 

“I mean we were fast, but we are going to be twice as fast now. We are going to tear that kitchen apart,” Baziotis said. 

One thing that set Kalico Kitchen apart from other brunch spots was its signature wall. Throughout the years, over 10,000 GU students, athletes and faculty have signed the famous wall in the waiting room. Unfortunately, Kalico cannot bring the wall with it, but the restaurant got the next best thing. 

Baziotis contacted a professional photographer named Jim Van Gundy to do his best to capture the essence of the wall so that they could hang it up in the new place. Van Gundy took high quality photos of the wall and he put the final product on large metal sheets to make sure that every signature was still visible and identifiable. All signatures are crystal clear and can be seen as soon as you walk into the restaurant. Van Gundy did the whole project pro bono. 

“Bringing that over was an incredible feat,” Baziotis said. 

The signature wall is a big part of Kalico Kitchen’s culture, and thanks to Van Gundy, it still can be. 

The old location’s new owner has promised to keep the wall untouched so that people can still visit. 

Students have mixed feelings about the move. Senior Matt Schleich, an avid customer of Kalico Kitchen, was initially skeptical of the move. 

“I know I want to eat there, but I will just think about it a lot less because I am not driving past it every other day,” Schleich said. 

Schleich stressed the importance of the ambiance at the old location and hopes that the new location can keep the same feel and service as the original. 

Though he had reservations, he was excited about the new additions. He was especially interested in the new coffee bar. 

“If it is good, quality coffee, then I will probably end up going a lot more,” Schleich said. 

Kalico Kitchen is set to open this week, so get in and check it out this weekend. Currently, Kalico Kitchen’s Bulldog Bucks function is down, so be prepared to use alternative forms of payment. 

At its new location, 1829 N. Monroe St., Kalico Kitchen is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Patrick Jones is a contributor.

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