One of the best ways to find quick holiday gifts is by stopping by the Zag Shop and buying some Gonzaga gear.


Imagine this — it’s two weeks from now, you’re sitting in the comfiest chair in your living room, your dogs curled up at your feet. Everything is perfect and stress free. But as any college student may think with all this free time, “I think I’m forgetting to do something …”

With the holidays approaching in just a few short weeks, scrambling for gifts should be the least of a college student’s worries. Need help on what to get family and friends before leaving Spokane? Worry no longer, we’re here to help.

Zag Shop:

Don’t have a car but want to grab some things before the semester is over? The Zag Shop is the perfect place to pick things up for all your Zag fans back home.

With plenty of GU items, it’s the perfect place to look for almost anyone. Dad wants a new sweatshirt? Done. Mom wants a new wine glass? Done. The Zag Shop accepts Bulldog Bucks as well, so you won’t be having to look around your room for spare change you may have lost over the course of the semester.

“I got my grandpa a super soft Zag beanie,” junior Kelli Taylor said. “He’s gonna love it.”

The Zag Shop also carries items that aren’t Zag related, such as some makeup items, electronics and water bottles. Does your 16-year-old sister really want a HydroFlask for Christmas? Stop by the Zag Shop on your way home for break and pick one up for her.

Budget Friendly Ideas:

When it comes to gift shopping as a college student, budget is always the first thing that comes to mind. Finding a special gift for someone under $15 can be tricky, but can easily be done.

Target’s $1-5 section has a bunch of cute things ranging from wine glasses, to planners and even some seasonal decor. 

Amazon has personalized gift guides for whoever you’re looking for. Specialized lists for men, women and children at specific price points make it easy to point out what would be a good gift for your loved ones.


Another idea for gifts could be activities you and a friend or partner could do together. A fun gift idea to do with a fellow Zag is to go somewhere you can make something and bring it home — it’s a gift and an experience all in one!

“I like going out and doing things,” freshman Braelyn Ornellas said. “Memories have a bigger impact I think than physical things a lot of the time.”

Polka Dot Pottery has a couple of locations around Spokane, with one being only about a mile away at River Park Square. Painting pottery is fun and relaxing, and prices aren’t too high, starting with $5 ornaments.

For the 21 and up crowd, finding a Paint and Sip night in the Spokane area would be a great way to enjoy the company of your friend along with the company of a full glass of wine. 

If you’re looking for a fun holiday date idea, consider looking at buying tickets to your local “Nutcracker,” or seeing a performance in Spokane before the semester is over. The “Nutcracker” is playing at the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox downtown. 

Enchant Christmas has arrived back at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, with spectacular light displays that make for an excellent Instagram picture. 

Gift cards may seem like an “easy out” christmas present, but buying a gift card to the movies or a restaurant you both like can be a great way to give someone an experience as a present.

If none of these ideas suit your fancy, you can tell your loved one that your presence is the greatest gift of all.

Lindsey Wilson is a staff writer. You can follow her on Twitter @lindseyrwilson1

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