Lilac City Bakery

Owned by Amber and Joe Owens, the new Lilac Bakery not only serves as a meeting place for the Spokane community but is also a fantastic bakery and coffees shop for students at Gonzaga.

I subscribe to the mentality of Lilac City Bakery, where they encourage patrons to indulge in sweet treats in preparation of a chaotic day.

The small shop located at 1215 N. Ruby St. features a sign that declares: “Eat cake for breakfast.” 

Those are the type of people and the type of place that I’m trying to be around as this semester kicks into high gear.

Although Lilac opened in the second semester of last academic year, they did not accept the coveted currency of Bulldog Bucks until this year. Gonzaga students receive 10 percent off of their orders, providing little reason not to cave into one’s sweet tooth.

I often find myself strolling across campus from Twohy to the bakery on Friday afternoons, eager to swoop up one of the last available no-bake cookies as a reward for surviving the week.

The bakery also functions somewhat as a cafe, offering a breakfast menu that is served all day from when the shop opens at 8 a.m. to when it closes at 6 p.m. All breakfast items can be served with coffee for an additional $2.00. The guacamole toast is more than fairly priced, with two slices smothered in the spread coming in at just over $2.00.

“My initial response is that the toast is super good,” sophomore Sarah Partch said. 

It seems reasonable that the bakery excels in baked goods, but struggles in terms of toppings and add-ons. The savory options meet expectations but do not go above and beyond, satisfying without leaving a lasting memory on customers.  

Partch added that the environment of Lilac adds to the overall experience, drawing visitors in for more than a quick bite.

“I love the atmosphere. I think it’s the most adorable bakery, that I would want to spend time in. It’s just fun and it’s kind of quiet, but not too quiet.”

Lengthy papers or hours of intense studying pair well with the offerings of Lilac. Nothing provides motivation to hit the grind like a snickers cupcake within arms reach.

“It feels not too quiet like a library or like I really have to focus, but I can still pay attention to what I’m doing,” senior Annie Stanger said. “It kind of feels like white noise in the background which is good because sometimes I need that and it’s not too serious.”

 Upon entering the shop, one can’t help but notice the multitude of cupcake options and avoid the urge to try at least one.

“I’ve been here about seven or eight times total in the past couple of years,” senior Megan Schultz said. “[I’d recommend] anything. I’ve never had a bad cupcake from here.”

The decor and killer music playlist creates an inviting environment reminiscent of a best friend’s home kitchen — the dorm kitchens are often crusty and smells of day old dirty dishes. More than anything, I feel I appreciate the bakery because it’s honest.

Too many bakeries and pastry shops attempt to over do their dishes with ornate presentation, compensating for a later discovered lack of flavor. 

This is not to say that Lilac’s cupcakes and donuts do not look delectable, but rather that these treats appear homemade and simple. The taste, appearance, price, and atmosphere all seem to align. I know what I’m paying for every time and therefore am never disappointed.

Couple all of this with the convenience provided by Lilac’s proximity to campus, and it’s easy to conclude the bakery will succeed for years to come. Lilac City Bakery has found its niche and promises to hit proficient marks in all categories.

Nicole Glidden is the opinion editor. Follow her on Twitter: @NicoleGlidden16. 


Nicole Glidden is the opinion editor.

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