LINC Foods is a cooperative based out of the Spokane Valley that is focused on coming together with small organic farms to provide people in the Inland Northwest with delicious, sustainable eats.

This co-op has made the farm-to-table lifestyle efficient and stress free with their LINC Market and LINC Box systems that are customizable for all subscribers.

“This is a great way to support local farms, support the local economy and support many small businesses.” said Crop Promotions Director, Michelle Youngbloom.

The LINC Box is something that allows subscribers to take home a box full of in-season fruits and vegetables weekly, bi-weekly or whenever their cabinets are looking a little bare.

In every LINC Box there are seven different kinds of produce, along with a pamphlet. It provides information on the best way to store each product and ways to prevent spoiling quickly. It also details fun recipes to incorporate the produce in and it even includes a feature on the farm that supplied the produce.

Efficient and easy, customers can go to the Linc Foods website, sign up to receive a box and pick it up at one of the 15 pick- up locations in Spokane. However, if that doesn’t work, they can also deliver straight to your door on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

All items that are provided in the LINC Box are locally made with sustainable ingredients and practices. All of the produce is pesticide free and strictly organic fertilizers.

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“Not all of the farms that we work with are certified organic, but they all use sustainable and organic growing practices,” Youngbloom said. “We don’t want to exclude a farm that has good practices but doesn’t have the opportunity or the means to get certified. It’s an expensive process.”

LINC Foods goal is not only to provide their customers with quality products, but to also have an inclusive network of farms and farmers.

Carl Segerstrom, LINC Food’s procurement director, networks with over 60 farms that contribute to LINC Foods.

The goal of this part of the operation is to figure out what kinds of fruits and vegetables farmers are looking to sell and getting that produce into the boxes that customers can take home.

“One of goals within the last few weeks or months has been to figure out what kind of resources are out there so that we can start reaching out to farmers from BIPOC or other marginalized communities,” Segerstrom said. “What we know that we can offer them is a market because where we can bring in produce, but what we’re trying to do is figure out what we can offer them besides participation in our business.”

LINC Foods has a steadfast commitment to its mission in order to uplift the communities it supports.

To sign up for a subscription or explore the full detail of LINC Foods products, follow the link to their website:

Kayla Friedrich is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter: @friedrich_kayla. 

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