The Bartlett

Quinn XCII performs for a sold out crowd at The Bartlett.

When a city has a motto that declares it “doesn’t suck,” it constantly has to find new ways to prove itself. Spokane and surrounding areas are growing in the arts, food and entertainment sectors. But what about Spokane's music scene?

Places like the Knitting Factory and the Spokane Arena hold the majority of the city's music performances and, if you have been to a concert in Spokane, chances are you have been to one of those venues. Now it is time to shed some light on other notable music venues the area has to offer.

KettleHouse Amphitheater

This new venue located just a few hours from Spokane in Bonner, Montana, has a summer concert line-up of bands and artists including Sheryl Crow, last year, Alice Cooper, Aug. 18, Blondie, Sept. 4, and New Orleans Celebration with Trombone Shorty and Friends, Sept. 11.

The KettleHouse Amphitheater is located along the Blackfoot River and is now in its third summer of operation. This season at the amphitheater, 25 shows were scheduled. 

Nick Checota, owner and entertainment buyer of KettleHouse Amphitheater, said the amphitheater has “this amazing natural setting, which kind of defines [it].”

“When we built it, we had in mind the setting that we were in,” Checota said. “The architecture, the material choice, it’s all very natural and it all blends very nicely into the hillside and how it sets on the [Blackfoot] river.”

Further, the KettleHouse is designed for music.

“The sound is really well-received … the venue itself creates a very nice sound environment,” said Checota.

The Bartlett

Spokane’s very own Bartlett is known for its variety, proximity and accessibility. The Bartlett is an all-ages music venue and art event space. It hosts not only music events, but poetry readings, literary events and open mic nights.

Located in the heart of downtown Spokane, 228 W. Sprague Ave., The Bartlett’s prices range from free to $20 and tickets are typically set at $10.

“The Bartlett is a fantastic listening room with great sound. It's set up to be an ideal space for hearing live music," said Karli Ingersoll, co-owner of The Bartlett. "All the focus is on the stage and the performance."

Ingersoll and her husband Caleb opened The Bartlett in 2013 and have run it since.

Ingersoll said the Bartlett has “concerts announced all the way through November so there's lot of options and lots of different types of bands coming through all fall.”

The Big Dipper

This all-ages event venue, equipped with a full kitchen, bar and professional lighting system, has been a Spokane landmark for 30 years and is newly renovated. It hosts national touring artists, local artists and private events.

This historic venue is located downtown, just north of campus, on 171 S. Washington St.

On Sept. 15, The Big Dipper is hosting the Melvins, who toured with bands including KISS, Rush and Tool. It will  also holding an '80s dance party on Sept. 28. Tickets are $10.  

The Big Dipper is perfect for dancing the night away on its wooden dance floor, taking a rest with its variety of seating options and bar in the back and crowding toward the stage.

Karlie Murphy is a staff writer.

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