My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance returns on Dec. 20 for their first concert in six years.

With the strike of a G-note and the promise of a tour, pop-punk band My Chemical Romance's announcement of a reunion tour awoke the collective consciousness of emo culture. 

On Oct. 31, My Chemical Romance (MCR), officially announced their comeback since the band broke up on March 22, 2013 and for fans like myself, the overwhelming need to return back to the days of heavy black eyeliner and band tees came rushing back.

Like many other preteens who were entering their emo/scene stages, I was completely in love with this angry and angsty music that made me feel like I was hardcore while listening to it. To paint you a picture of myself at the time, I was a small middle schooler from the suburbs, so I thought I was awesome. 

 I recall my sixth grade self begging my mom to bring me to Hot Topic to buy their band tees and albums on CD. Which at the time she was not very keen on doing when the outside of the store was dressed in chains and gargoyles and the employees had those scary tongue piercings. 

MCR was the band you listened to when you were going through that angsty middle school stage.

The music was loud and about hating everyone and everything and sometimes even about vampires (which created the strongest bond between the emo kids and the Twilight fanatics). 

My Chemical Romance was the it band if you wanted to get into punk music. 

2008 to 2012 was when pop-punk music was really in its prime, with the former holy trinity of punk that was made up of Panic! At the Disco (after Ryan Ross and Jon Walker’s departures but pre-Spencer Smith’s), Fall Out Boy (a year before they took their hiatus until 2014) and My Chemical Romance, the gateway drug to the hardcore angsty teen screamo music of Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Of Mice & Men and Bring Me the Horizon. 

At the time MCR was in its peak, releasing their best reviewed and last album, "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" and the fan base was just growing. 

So, when MCR broke up we were devastated because it seemed as if they broke up out of the blue. Today, if you found any self-proclaimed emo kid or pop punk listener, their playlist will surely include My Chemical Romance. 

 Even today Hot Topic carries the band's t-shirts and are regularly restocked (just a couple months ago I bought myself a "Black Parade" Tee). 

With a current 7 million monthly listener rate on Spotify, it looks like fans like myself have stayed dedicated.

On Halloween, all this waiting has paid off with My Chemical Romance returning to the stage for their now sold-out show on Dec. 20 at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles. They will be later releasing tour tickets.

Whether fans are dedicated listeners since the beginning, former emos who have transitioned to casual listeners or new fans, the return of My Chemical Romance is a call for celebration. 

So, yes I will be buying tickets, and yes I will be bringing the emo phase back (minus the angst this time).

Mila Yoch is a news editor.

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