A college student’s biggest enemy is procrastination. No matter how much homework is assigned and how overloaded a student can get, procrastination is a reality all college students face. 

With Gonzaga and universities around the world moving to online coursework, the procrastination dilemma isn’t being fixed; it might even be making it worse. But there is hope through easy organization methods. 

Prioritizing tasks and keeping an organized online school schedule is more important than ever in a time of limited human interaction and structure. 

Using online calendar programs, like Google Calendar, allows students to see their plans and commitments scheduled out in a visual manner. Entering Zoom classes, Zoom club meetings, planned homework time, work, exercise, and every scheduled obligation into an online planning platforms will keep students accountable and orderly. 

“For me I’d say that it really helps to physically see what your day looks like by putting everything onto some type of planner,” said junior Phoebe Tang. “That way you can block out the hours of your day you plan on doing zoom school, studying, exercising, work, etc. so you can really have a better grasp of how much time you have on your hands."

If online platforms aren’t the fit, using a journal or paper planner is a great alternative. Moleskin and Mead are some brands that make efficient, easy-to-use planners for students. With paper planners, it is important to check it every day, stay updated, and be motivated to open it up and add to it. 

“One tip that helped me stay organized during online classes was keeping a schedule, so even if one of my classes was giving pre-recorded lectures and we weren’t meeting, I had a specific time during the day that I was going to look at that lecture,” said junior Rachel Evadd. 

Daily to dos are also a huge hack for keeping the mind sane and collected. Taking five minutes each morning to access what needs to be completed for the day will save so much worrying and tracking. College students could find it helpful to write a short list each day.

Aside from scheduling time and eliminating procrastination, online desktop and browser organization will also be key in staying motivated and on task. 

Using the bookmark feature on Safari or Google Chrome to make academic sites more accessible takes less than 15 minutes and it can make the world of a difference when hopping on the computer to complete an assignment. Sites like ZagWeb, Google Calendar, ZagMail, and Quizlet will be helpful to be listed first above Netflix, Facebook, and online shopping sites.

Transitioning from in-person to online class will come with challenges, but it will be such a defining part of Zags’ academic and professional careers. 

“Organization is essential in this time because you are the sole person in charge of building structure in your life,” Tang said. “It is truly going to be a test of self-discipline, and I would say that this is a good test run of how you handle unpredictability and will allow you to develop crucial adaptability skills for your future professional and personal life.”

Allie Noland is a staff writer.

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