Yoga is a great outdoor exercise as it improves your flexibility, balance, coordination, as well as tones your muscles.

Exercising outside is a great option for anyone trying to get fitter, stronger and stay in shape this year. Working out in the outdoors has many benefits, and there are several options for getting in a great workout outside while the weather is still beautiful this fall. 

Here are five ways that you can work out outside here in Spokane or at home:


Yoga is a great option for working out outside. Yoga improves your flexibility, balance, coordination, as well as tones your muscles and increases strength. Doing yoga outdoors can be even more motivational than performing yoga indoors. Getting up early when the air is still cool is a great time to do yoga outside. You will get a daily dose of Vitamin D while relaxing your muscles for the day and getting inspired to have a motivational day. There are many yoga videos online that you can follow along with, and Gonzaga’s Rudolf Fitness Center even hosts virtual Zoom yoga sessions throughout the week. 


HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training is a workout containing short, intense work followed by a short period of rest. This type of workout is a great way to exercise outside because although you can use weights, you typically need minimal equipment. You can complete exercises such as burpees, mountain climbers, jump squats, crunches or tuck jumps. Here is an example of a HIIT workout that you can complete outside:

Complete each exercise for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds, repeating as many rounds as desired.

:20 Mt. Climbers

:10 Rest

:20 Burpees

:10 Rest

:20 Jump Squats

:10 Rest

:20 Tuck Jumps

:10 Rest


Running may be the first thing that you think of when you consider exercising outdoors. There are many beautiful running trails near Spokane and running is a great way to stay in shape and get outside. There are several ways that you can get in a running workout outside this fall. You can simply find a trail and run for several miles to complete some aerobic cardio. 

Aerobic running happens when you run for a long period of time at a maintainable pace. You can also complete anaerobic running, in which you run in quick bursts at an intense speed then rest and repeat. Finding a local track, running sprints on Mulligan Field or a trail nearby would all be ways to complete anaerobic running. Another great way to run outside is to go for a long run and pick a certain distance at which you will stop to do some bodyweight exercises. For example, you can run for half a mile then do 10 burpees, 20 pushups and 15 jump squats, repeating several times. Running outside in the crisp fall weather is a great way to stay active this fall and can be a fun and refreshing addition to your workout routine.

 Resistance Training

Resistance training is described as working out your muscles against external resistance, and is another wonderful way to workout outside. Although resistance training is typically completed with weights at a gym, you can actually do this type of workout outside with your bodyweight, mini-bands or your own weights. Resistance training is a great way to increase your muscle strength and your overall fitness levels, and training in this way outside is a wonderful way to change up your routine. It is also a great way to exercise in a motivational environment with fresh air and a cool breeze. 

Here is a resistance training workout that you can do outside this fall:

Complete the number of reps for each exercise then do the paired exercise until the end of the minute. Repeat at the top of each minute for six minutes.


15 push-ups / hold a plank


20 banded or weighted squats / hold a wall sit


12 tricep dips on a bench / banded bicycles


Hiking is an amazing way to get exercise outdoors and is a way to exercise while enjoying a beautiful view. There are many hiking trails in Spokane and Gonzaga Outdoors even offers hikes that you can do with your friends and fellow Zags. Hiking gets your heart rate up, lowers stress levels, improves your mood and has many other health benefits. Fall is a great time to go hiking here in Spokane because the weather is still warm enough to comfortably be outside but cool enough that you won’t be too hot during your hike. Hiking is great for your fitness and allows you to see the beauty of Spokane or your local area while getting a great workout in.


Sarah Van Liew is a staff writer. Folow her on Twitter: @sarah_vanliew.

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