The Flying Goat

The Flying Goat names its dishes after Spokane hot spots. 

It’s lunchtime, you’re hungry. We know how you feel. Your mouth wants lots of pizza and your wallet wants a deal. 

While that may be a Little Caesars jingle from a commercial that aired when I was in high school, the message holds true­­—who doesn’t want a good piece of pizza at a good price? Here are the best places to grab a slice when that craving hits hard:

Versalia Pizza: 1333 W. Summit Parkway

In terms of price, this may not be the cheapest option. In terms of flavor and atmosphere, Versalia Pizza is a winner. The handcrafted thin-crust pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven range from $13.50 for a 10” pizza to $23 for a regular 16”. While it sounds like a lot, a pizza split between friends really isn’t too bad and the stunning patio view of the river makes it all worth it.

Favorite pizza: Prosciutto Arugula.

Pizza Rita: 502 W. Indiana Ave.

Pizza Rita is the happy medium between super affordable and super yummy. And by super yummy, I mean greasy goodness. There’s nothing gourmet about these pizzas, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want. The neon building on Indiana Avenue is unmissable and if you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your room, they deliver. Pizza Rita is always running specials, you’re almost guaranteed never to spend more than $10 on a whole pizza and a liter of soda. It really doesn’t get better than that. The next time you need a little slice of heaven, check out the back of your last Safeway receipt for a Pizza Rita coupon.

Favorite pizza: Chicken Bacon Ranch.

The Flying Goat/Republic Pi: 3318 W. Northwest Blvd/611 E. 30th Ave. 

The Flying Goat and Republic Pi are sister restaurants each with their own unique and insanely tasty menu. With dishes named after Spokane hot spots, it’s the perfect place to take out-of-towners. It must be mentioned again how amazing the pizza really is and with prices ranging from $12.50 to $17 at the most, it’s almost a bargain.

Favorite pizza: Kiernan (The Flying Goat) and South Hill 

(Republic Pi). 

Boombox Pizza: 221 N. Division St.

For the 21+ crowd out there, Boombox Pizza is here to be your perfect ‘90s haven. Themed pizza names, 32 ounce bloody marys and donations to the local Spokane Humane Society leaves Boombox Pizza near perfect in my book. And while geared toward the older crowd, this pizza place is open for all ages until 9 p.m. promising throwback fun and tasty eats for all.

Favorite pizza: Ice Ice Baby.

Domino’s: 1320 N. Hamilton St. 

On a rundown of Spokane’s best pizza, it may feel like a bit of a cheat to include Domino’s. Not only is it not local, at any time before midnight it’s definitely not the best. But, every Gonzaga student knows when that late night craving hits there is no better place than Hamilton Street Domino’s. Famously long delivery times lead to over-the-top hunger which makes the pizza taste that much better when it arrives. Add on lava cakes, garlic knots or even wings and you’ve got yourself one satisfied stomach ache — the good kind.

Favorite pizza: Classic Pepperoni, baby.


Thea Skokan is a news editor.

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