The best part of going to bed is knowing that a nice cup of coffee is going to greet you when you shuffle into the kitchen in the morning. 

If your routine normally involves your favorite coffee shop and a nice outdoor patio where you can sit, sip and enjoy a nice chat with a stranger, that has definitely changed in the last couple of months but there are still plenty of ways to wake your taste buds up at home.  

Putting together the perfect cup of coffee on your own is a tasty process of trial and error but any true coffee lover knows that once you put together the right cup, there is simply nothing like it.

To start any basic cup of coffee, the first step is figuring out what kind of roast you enjoy the most: light, medium, medium dark or dark. 

Per the National Coffee Association, lighter roasts tend to have sweeter tastes tend to be better for drinking black, medium roasts are good if you’re looking for a bitter taste and dark roasts are normally espresso drinks paired with your choice of milk. 

If your goal after drinking your coffee is abnormal amounts of energy, a lighter roast is the route you’ll want to go. Light roasts tend to have higher amounts of caffeine according to the National Coffee Association. 

Now that you’ve established your favorite tastes, the brewing method is a crucial step in making sure your morning cup of joe does not disappoint. 

The most convenient brewing method is using something like a Keurig or a Nespresso machine, but since quality is the goal here, broaden your horizons and attempt a different method that might enhance your coffee drinking experience. 

The Atlas Coffee Club suggests that pour over tools such as a Chemex is likely to produce a less acidic taste and is more ideal for all of the light-roast-lovers out there because of the “silkier result” that it produces.  

A french press tends to produce a more consistent taste no matter what kind of coffee bean you use, says the Atlas Coffee Club. 

This is perfect if you’re someone who’s actually quite busy in the morning. While the coffee steeps there’s time to walk the dog, read a book, get some work done-- you get the idea.  

The next step is deciding if you’re in the mood for your drink to be iced or hot.

Iced coffee takes a little more prep time if you want it to taste good, but if you don’t mind pouring a steeping hot cup of coffee over a few ice cubes then be my guest.  

The best results come from a batch of your favorite roast that has had time to chill overnight in the fridge.

No matter hot, or cold, add your choice of milk, cream or any other dairy alternative and any sweetener of your choice. (Disclaimer: if you are craving a latte, DO NOT froth cream! Milk or any milk alternative is used in lattes.)

If granulated sugar doesn’t do the trick but you wake up with a sweet tooth, things like blue agave sweetener or vanilla almond milk creamer are a perfect additive.

Et voilà!

You’ve made the perfect cup of coffee right in the comfort of your own home. 

It might take a couple of tries before you get the results that you’re taste buds are looking for, but there’s plenty of time for practice these days. 

And for all of my fellow coffee fiends, I’ll leave you with this: 


You’re the best part of every morning 

The smell of you when the sun rises is something that I cannot live without

I am addicted to you in all of the right ways

I don’t mind how bitter you can be at times

But everything is much better when you’re sweet

I’m really not sure what I’d do without you

You make me feel so complete

I don’t mind that you can be hot and cold 

Either way is more than fine

Coffee, you are my one true weakness

Without you I might die


Kayla Friedrich is a staff writer.

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