A hundred years ago, women across America were cutting their hair short and killing their husbands to the tune of the “Cell Block Tango.” Men were staring creepily at green lights, which, according to every high school English teacher, was a metaphor for endless longing and devotion. And everyone had at least one bathtub full of homemade gin.

With every decade comes new developments and fashions. Even though many decades have passed since the 1920s, many things are similar. We are simply rebranding what we already had. Instead of making alcohol in bathtubs out of necessity, we now have bars that utilize the speakeasy theme for fun. 

Instead of a brooding Mr. Gatsby, we now have a Penn Badgley stalking all of us. And for some inexplicable reason, we are all way too into that fantasy. And, if you would date either Joe Goldberg or Dan Humphrey, you should probably consider making some changes in the new year. But with every decade, we take what we had and add a little twist.

The 2010s alone have brought us so much that we as a people can be proud of. We created binge-watching culture, which gave us less of a reason to leave the house. We also perfected online dating, which allowed us to find love while binge-watching our favorite shows, because couch potatoes deserve love too. 

Out of online dating came the fun game of online stalking people to see if they are who they say they are or if you are actually talking to some very kindhearted catfish. The kind of person who says they have a six pack and a mansion, when, in reality, they still live with their parents, have six children and sport a sixth finger on their right hand. 

Some coding nerd in the heart of Silicon Valley changed literally every way in which we live our lives. We are all waiting for the day when we can stop leaving our house completely, and maybe 2020 will finally be the year we act out an episode of “Black Mirror” for real. 

In terms of fashion, the last decade brought us athleisure, renewed the idea of '80s preppy style and brought an appreciation for the flowing fits of the 1970s. We nailed the idea of looking cute while being as comfortable as we can be.

Recently, we have seen a rise in clothing styled after the 1990s, because everyone wants to be Rachel Green. What I hope the 2020s become is a mess of the all the '90s fashion trends that only appeared in music videos. Let’s make it metallic, neon and a jumpsuit, please. 

It should be “Spy Kids” mixed with a dash of “The Great Gatsby.” We are already riding the theme of the roaring '20s pretty heavily, so looking like futuristic flappers would be an amazing and wild next step. Just think of the Instagram captions.

We are only half a month into 2020, far enough to wade through the countless Instagram posts, either of a current selfie next to a pimply sixth-grade school picture from 2010, captioned “The beginning of the decade vs. the end of the decade” or some college students with glassy eyes in a bar captioned “It’s the roaring twenties, ladies.” 

We better see more on-brand trends and parties. This could be jazz bands' time to shine. If there is not at least one grossly extravagant party thrown by an anonymous and lonely millionaire donor in the Logan, we should all riot.

We can only hope the next decade is better than the one before it. We have been given the ability to have a voice in our world in a historically unprecedented way. Seeing how social media will change us in another 10 years is possibly the most exciting part of entering a new decade. Yes, even more than new fashion trends. 

We could accomplish a lot of amazing things given our resources, or we could just use them to make more cat videos and memes. It really is a toss up. Let’s just hope we end up somewhere in the middle.

 Spencer Brown is an arts & entertainent editor.

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