Beauchamp and Chase creates gender-neutral soaps that have their own creative and innovative name.

Supporting local businesses right now is more important than ever. In a time of isolation, unrest and instability, we have a duty to support our community. It is easier said than done. Knowing where to go is the first step in creating a change. 

Beauchamp and Chase, 2030 N. Hamilton Ave. 

Beauchamp and Chase, a local Black-owned soap company, offers Spokane deluxe, quality products for a fair price. These gift-ready wrapped soaps are handcrafted and made of ingredients that leave the skin feeling soft and healthy. 

Genesis Veronon launched this company in 2019. After discovering his passion for soap creation, blending base oils and essential oils, he knew that he needed to pursue it. 

Veronon’s first soap, the Classic Clean Bar, featured sandalwood and grapefruit. Before Beauchamp and Chase, he owned a music store, Insyder Music. During the holiday season, he wanted to sell more than music, and that’s when the soap came into play. 

The Classic Clean Bar flew out of the music store, and Veronon took this as a sign to expand his soap business. He branded the soap, creating a website and quickly started to sell the soaps at stores around Spokane. 

Beauchamp and Chase soaps can be found at Kingsley and Scout, From Here and BeYOUtiful: Bath Bombs and More.

“When you get your hands on this product and you use it, you’ll understand,” Veronon said. “Once you use it, you feel great. It cleans and conditions your skin. Your skin pretty much turns into butter.”

Sugar Bare is one of the bestsellers for Beauchamp and Chase. It features honey, blackberry and Japanese hinoki wood, ingredients associated with bears. This is a theme at Beauchamp and Chase. All of the soap names are creative and innovative.

“Every soap should have a name, like every person,” Veronon said.

Not only do they have a variety of soap options, they have two bath bombs as well, mirroring two of their most popular recipes. The Classic Clean and the La Ville are well-liked items on the website. 

Beauchamp and Chase is a gender-neutral company.  

“The world is changing,” Veronon said. “Things are more spicy. Things are more unified in so many different ways. As much there is a divide, there’s a lot of things that we unify in. Gender neutrality is paramount.”

Veronon’s products aren’t focused on the gender binary but are about balancing local support and luxury. 

“We want to be part of the growth, part of the change in our city,” Veronon said. “We want to come out of this pandemic bigger and better than ever. We want to skyrocket.”

Veronon said that people could be doing a better job with supporting local businesses. It requires conscious work and change. 

“We aren’t educated on supporting each other,” Veronon said. “We are always talking about the divide. And we need to change that.”

Beauchamp and Chase is planning for the future. Soon to be sold in Madison Home and soon to drop its clothing line, things are looking forward.

So next time you run out of your body soap or need a self-care day with a pleasant bath bomb, look no further than Beauchamp and Chase. 

For more information visit

Decorum Gifts, 126 N. Washington St.

Want to support local? Need to shop for gifts? Decorum Gifts, a local Black-owned Spokane business, has what you need. 

Antonio Holder owns Decorum Gifts, located downtown at 126 N. Washington St. 

“We have a variety of everything,” Holder said. “We like to say it’s a gift store that suits everybody.”

After taking over the store in March of 2020, Holder has been trying to create a local vibe. The business’ goal is to be a place for local vendors to come to and sell. 

“There are a lot of vendors and people with brands in the area that don’t have the opportunity to get a storefront,” Holder said. “We are trying to open that opportunity up to people around the community, so they can sell their inventory as well.”

From mugs to beauty products to health and fitness to kitchenware, Decorum has it all. It even sells Gonzaga merchandise. Decorum gives off a modern vintage vibe while creating a warm environment. 

Decorum is expanding. Holder said he has have opened up seven salon rooms in the back of the building for local lash techs and hairstylists. They are giving a space and opportunity to Spokane’s local services. 

“The city and community have done a good job with pushing Black-owned business,” Holder said. “I know for me personally it means a lot and the other Black-owned business owners I know, it means a lot too.”

Holder is offering GU students and alumni 10% off all purchases. Enter the code ‘GU’ for the online discount or show your student ID when visiting the store. 

“The big thing is giving people a place to shop and to support local businesses within,” Holder said.

For more information visit

Allie Noland is a staff writer. Follow her on Twitter:@allie_noland.

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