The crucial question: Do they take Bulldog Bucks?

If students are getting tired of the same restaurants that have been taking Bulldog Bucks for years, they should try Japanese cuisine restaurant, Otori Sushi, located at 829 E. Boone Ave. 

The restaurant had its grand opening on Sept. 1, which was a hit due to the prime location. Otori Sushi is in the same building structure as other Bulldog Bucks favorites including, Tasty Bun, DiNardi’s, Bruchi’s and Froyo Earth.

Otori Sushi has a long list of different types of sashimi, along with nigiri, tempura, fusion, fresh and baked rolls. Additionally, Otori offers classic Japanese appetizer dishes such as edamame, miso soup and more.

“Our fusion rolls are very popular," said Moon Lee, co-owner and main chef of the new Japanese restaurant. "The tempura and fresh rolls are some other favorites as well." 

Lee carefully creates all of the dishes served at Otori Sushi.

Lee and Hannah Park are the owners of Otori Sushi. The couple immigrated from Korea to the United States so they could experience something new and different in the sunny state of California. Lee and Park opened up their first Otori Sushi restaurant in Palm Springs, California. It has been in business for 10 years.

After a successful deca within the industry, Lee and Park wanted to branch out with their business to different states.

They decided to explore Washington first. They began in Seattle and then went on small little trips to surrounding cities. On their trip to Spokane, they knew they found what they were looking for.

“Ok, we love it here," Park said about Spokane. "Let’s try to find a place for our restaurant.”  

Lee and Park say they get a lot of Zags coming in to eat, and they are truly enjoying being a part of the Bulldog Bucks system.

“Around 25% of our customers use Bulldog Bucks," Park said. "It turned out to be more than we thought it would be." 

Sophomore Haley Tsuneyoshi dined at Otori in September for her friend’s birthday dinner. The party of 12 ordered a variety of appetizers, rolls, and desserts. Their food came out quickly, only taking about 20 minutes from when they ordered. 

“The service was great," Tsuneyoshi said. "I ordered the spicy scallop roll and the miso soup and it was amazing." 

Lee has 15 years of experience in Japanese cuisine, and he has mastered the art of making rolls by hand. He highlights that Otori Sushi cares about the integrity of ingredients, the quality of the food and the pleasant dining experience.

“We recommend dining in instead of getting takeout, because we want to push for the best quality food,” Park said.

The co-owners said the dining-in experience is more environmentally friendly, because it limits the restaurant’s plastic usage. Park explained that when Otori completes a to-go order, it requires a lot more packaging than people may think. Even when someone orders two rolls to go, they have to use two boxes and a bag. 

“We are trying to limit our waste and be aware of our impact on the environment.We care about our impact,” Park said.  

Venture out from the COG and Cataldo for a night and stop by Otori Sushi for a nice Bulldog Bucks meal, a birthday dinner or just to order a couple of things and share them with your friends.

Otori Sushi is open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Allie Noland is a contributer.

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