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Spokane Comedy Club on Sprague Avenue.

In Spokane, the go-to entertainment venues are The Knitting Factory and The Spokane Arena because they consistently bring in big names. Live music and concerts are usually my favorite events, but I decided to check out an alternative to my typical choice and found myself at the Spokane Comedy Club. 

I saw Adam Ray as the headliner for Jan. 17-19 posted on the Spokane Comedy Club website. Ray is a comedian who has made appearances in popular movies and TV shows such as "The Heat" and "American Vandal." It was Ray’s first of three days performing that weekend in Spokane, and the Thursday night show I attended offered free entrance for "ladies’ night."

Not paying for a ticket was quite a perk and the show itself was well worth the required two-item purchase inside, a strict rule everyone was required to follow whether it was food or beverages. The food menu was similar to concession stand items like candy and hotdogs which didn’t appeal to me. I chose from the better part of the menu containing a list of red and white wines, craft beers and even a list of cocktails named after famous comedians.

The show was for the most part hilarious. The host and two more acts preformed before Ray emerged from a back room. The host gave some amusing bits on her family and personal failures, while the following two acts presented some cruder humor. The second act touched on rather offensive subjects that I didn’t find myself laughing at. I can appreciate a difference in humor, but I expect more from comedians in 2019 than mocking people for their abilities and expecting audiences to laugh.

When Ray came onstage he gave a refreshing performance that I couldn’t help but to relate to. Ray, a Seattle native, began with a story of his first visit to see family in Spokane. At 13 years old his older cousin at Gonzaga invited him to a party in the Logan Neighborhood. The audience howled as he talked about experiencing a lot more ‘college’ than expected when his cousin left him alone. The image he painted was ridiculous but personalized to Spokane. He carried on with the same level of hilarity for duration of the show.

Spokane bids a unique nightlife among music and performance and the SCC deserves some appreciation among downtown entertainment. Though it was only my first time at the comedy club, I will absolutely come back for more stand-up. 

Alyssa Estes is a staff writer.

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