Wisconsinburger is a locally-owned restaurant on the South Hill that offers some of Spokane's most unique burgers. 

Whether you are new to Spokane or would just like to try eating out somewhere different, there are plenty of delicious restaurants that the city has to offer. 

To introduce you to some of the great tastes of the city, here is a list of the best restaurants in Spokane in various categories:

Italian: Mamma Mia's, 420 W. Francis Ave.

As one of the most welcoming and friendly restaurants in Spokane, Mamma Mia’s offers a wide variety of meals and sides. This spot stands out as not only the best Italian restaurant but as one of the best overall in Spokane. Its selection of pasta, all of which are made fresh daily, is unmatched with excellent alternative options including the gigantic calzones. The most underrated aspect has to be its bread rolls which are, simply put, the best. 

Southern: Chicken-N-Mo, 414 W. Sprague Ave.

Chicken-N-Mo offers a cozy spot in downtown Spokane with the best Southern meals. From fried chicken, beef brisket and chicken fried steak, this award-winning restaurant has all of the best Southern-style dishes. Affordable prices for meals with lots of sides including gumbo, JoJo’s and much more.

Dessert: Didier's Yogurt & More, 10410 N. Division St.

There are plenty of froyo spots all around Spokane; it’s a go-to dessert, especially during the hot days in the city. Didier’s offers a rotating selection of amazing frozen yogurts and plenty of toppings. The froyo’s consistency and flavors separate it from the rest with dairy-free options as well. The restaurant also offers a wide range of soups and sandwiches to make a great dining experience overall.

Mexican: Rincon Tapatio, 1212 N. Hamilton St.

Rincon Tapatio is located right off of Gonzaga University’s campus and offers authentic Mexican cuisine. As you are seated, complimentary chips and salsa are served to start off your meal, followed by large serving portions with delicious entrees and sides. To solidify its spot as a top restaurant, Rincon Tapatio also offers a tasty array of drinks to compliment all of its best meals.

Japanese: Sushi.com, 430 W. Main Ave.

Located in the heart of downtown Spokane,

Sushi.com brings the best sushi rolls with a great dining atmosphere along with it. This Japanese bistro offers an extensive selection of both raw and cooked fish, including Alaskan salmon rolls, lobster rolls and much more. The menu also features some of the best rice and noodle bowls in the city to make Sushi.com a must-try spot.

Breakfast: Frank's Diner, 1516 W. Second Ave.

Frank’s diner is a truly unique dining experience within Spokane. Unlike other traditional diners, restaurantgoers are served their breakfasts inside of an old-fashioned train car. The cozy and welcoming environment only adds to the already great food. Frank's serves all of your favorite breakfast combos including omelets, bakery dishes and even lunch and dinner options as well.

American: Wisconsinburger, 916 S. Hatch St.

Serving delicious burgers from a locally-owned restaurant on the South Hill, Wisconsinburger always excels with its locally-sourced beef, ground fresh every morning. For appetizers, its famous fried pickles are a great way to start any meal. This restaurant offers the best and most unique burgers in the city such as the Germantown burger with brats and house-made beer mustard and the Spooner burger that's topped with signature homemade bacon jam.

Mongolian: HuHot, 11703 E. Sprague Ave.

While HuHot is located in Spokane Valley and is a further drive out than the rest of these restaurants, it is most certainly worth the commute. This Mongolian grill offers friendly service with all-you-can-eat meals. The menu consists of a wide range of signature sauces, whether you are looking for mild teriyaki sauce or are willing to try the intense spice of Khan’s Revenge. Either way, the selection of noodles, meats and vegetables to choose from when creating your own dish will not disappoint.

Honorable mentions:

Feast World Kitchen, Kim's Korean Restaurant, Sed's Delicious Dogs and Aloha Island Grill.

Anthony Maucione is a Staff Writer.