Brunch is quite possibly the best meal of any weekend. The  cherry  on  top  is  being  surrounded  by  fellow  Zags, sharing  in  one’s  love  of  the  beautiful  masterpiece  that  is both breakfast and lunch combined. It is the sweetness of

breakfast  mixed  with  the  savouriness  of  lunch,  a  match made in taste bud heaven.

Whether you’re a biscuits and gravy or poutine person, someone  who  indulges  in  a  variety  of  chocolate  or  fruit pancakes or if mimosas and breakfast scrambles are your squeeze, Spokane has the variety to improve your brunch

palate. Spokane’s best brunch spots will provide you with a Saturday or Sunday meal that will send you into a frenzy of making a long must visit before graduation list.

Here are our recommendations:

The Yards Bruncheon

Kendall Yards area is known for its beautiful view and delicious eats. One of those eats is The Yards Bruncheon. Located  on  1248  W.  Summit  Parkway  it  is  built  like  a retro  diner  with  checkered  floors,  homemade  sodas  and  

huckleberry  pancakes  The  Yards  stays  busy  and  is  well worth the wait.

For starters, The Yards has toasted banana bread that puts my grandma’s to shame, and it is served with pecan butter. For  those  who  like  larger  portions, The  Yards  serves breakfast  poutine  with  sausage  gravy,  cheddar,  bacon  

and green onions over their delicious fries. The breakfast burrito  is  no  ordinary  one  —  it  contains  chorizo,  fresh avocado, cream cheese, cilantro and breakfast potatoes.

The Yards’ caffeine supply is beyond energizing, and its coffee goes great with the caramelized banana pancakes. It  even  has  a  self-serve  coffee  stand  to hold  you  over while  waiting  anticipating  your  name  to  be  called,  while  

smelling the dreamy scents coming from the kitchen. The  fast-paced  feel  of 

The  Yards,  combined  with  its large windows, allowing customers to see the view of the river, make dining here a unique experience.

The Bruncheonette

Fried  chicken,  fried  waffles,  breakfast  burritos  and  hot  chocolate  that  still  has  my  mouth  watering  —  The  Bruncheonette. Located just a few blocks up from Kendall Yards on 1011 W. Broadway Ave, it is different from most

brunch spots. It’s savory and southwest dishes along with a variety of drinks are untraditional — which makes them more fun.

Its biscuits and gravy are served with eggs and chives on top, and the breakfast potatoes include sweet potatoes mixed in with regular potatoes.  The  Bruncheonette  also  offers  patrons  with  multiple choices of hot sauces — its habanero sauce being especially spicy,  goes  along  great  with  the  chilaquiles  or  the  vegan hash.

If you are over 21, The Bruncheonette has great drinks to help wash down the spicy flavor of its sauces. Mimosas come with a choice of peach, orange, mango

or pomegranate juice. Its also have a lavender mimosa and boozy hot chocolate. All drinks are $9 and below.

Waitress Erin Mensing says that no one can really go wrong at The Bruncheonette.

“Anything  with  fried  chicken  in  it,  the  waffles  and chicken,  or  one  of  the  hashes,”  Mensing  said  are  her favorites.

While  The  Bruncheonette  puts  a  spin  on  breakfast dishes and traditional brunch drinks, the classic restaurant feel and comfort food options make you feel right at home.


Located in the South end of Spokane on 4237 Cheney Spokane  Rd.,  this  brunch  spot  has  been  featured  on Diners, Drive Inns and Dives.

Chaps  is  known  for  its  unique  interior  and  exterior design.  The  vintage  furniture  makes  you  feel  like  you’re at  a  cottage  in  the  woods.  Chaps’  bakery  items,  coffee and  brunch  dishes  fill  up  your  stomach  and  heart  with happiness and joy.

“I  think  the  ambiance  of  Chaps  is  fun,  it’s  always changing  and  reinventing  itself,”  Owner  Celeste  Shaw said.  

Famous  for  its  outdoor  seating  and  chalkboard  that adorns positive sayings and serves as a prime photo spot, Chaps' essence is one that is not replicated often at classic diners and brunch spots.

“People  love  to  see  it  change  and  watch  the  different styles, colors and features of the space,” Shaw said.

For  many  who  visit  Chaps,  the  most  difficult  task  is deciding what to order. The pastries are craved by many, the  most  popular  being  the  lemon  chiffon  cake.  Other people  flock  to  Chaps  for  their  maple  pecan  scones and larger than life cookies, ginger chocolate being the favorite.

But  Shaw  says  that  her  favorite  dishes,  however,  are “[My] original items that we have kept on the menu for 13 years. The Blueberry French toast, the Chaps oatmeal...”

Chap's  variety  of  espresso,  brunch  dishes,  and  baked goods set the brunch standard high, and its decor makes for great photos and fun with friends.

Kalico Kitchen

Other than the McCarthey Athletic Center, nothing in Spokane screams “Go Zags!” more than Kalico Kitchen. With  walls  adorned  in  blue  and  red,  a  various  of Gonzaga athletic teams' memorabilia and visitors’ signatures covering the entrance, Kalico is the Zag’s very own brunch spot. That is, Zag students, faculty and fans.

“I really like that they have names written all over the walls  and  Zag  friendly  stuff,”  sophomore  Robert  Bates said.

The environment is inviting and fun, it screams school spirit. It is a piece of Gonzaga away from Gonzaga. Known  for  their  skillfully  crafted  omelets  and  fresh squeezed orange juice in a specialized orange juice glass,

Kalico is a prime spot for all of those looking for brunch, and at a price that all college students can afford. Located on  2931  N.  Division  St.,  Kalico  is  just  a  few  blocks  from campus and even accepts Bulldog bucks.

“They  have  great  food  and  a  very  welcoming  vibe,”  Bates said.

Its  menu  has  options  for  those  looking  to  start  their  day in a sweet way with cinnamon roll French toast, hot chocolate with a beautifully generous amount of whipped cream, and waffles that can be topped with huckleberries,

chocolate chips or ice cream.

If you want something more savory they have a half-pound  hamburger  and  eggs,  a  giant  breakfast  burrito  or  any of their varieties of benedicts.

One  can  also  never  go  wrong  with  one  of  their  three  egg  omelets  that  comes  with  a  variety  of  sides  including hash browns or a waffle.  

With  so  many  options  to  enjoy,  Kalico  Kitchen  is definitely  a  spot  that  should  be  visited  multiple  times.  Every visit offers a new but home feeling experience.

Karlie Murphy is a staff writer and Brianna Vasquez is

a A&E Editor. Follow her on Twitter: @BriannaVasquez_.

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