Halloween is the perfect time of year for ghosts, ghouls and goblins to make their appearances. But have they really been hiding during the off seasons? To prepare for the holiday, The Bulletin sought out ghost stories that have haunted GU students both close to home and far away.

About 15 years ago, Jake Tucker, a senior at GU and a native to Spokane, was around 6 years old when his dad had an encounter with The Glover Mansion, located at 321 W. Eighth Ave.

Tucker’s dad, Eric Tucker, is a Realtor in Spokane. When Eric Tucker was tasked with selling the old Glover Mansion, he had no choice but to do so, for the historic landmark of the late 1800s would earn the Realtor a great commission.

Upon meeting with Eric Tucker, the seller of the house told him that the house needed to be sold as soon as possible, within a week, maybe two.

One day, Eric Tucker brought two men to look at the house — the prospective buyer and his friend, who accompanied him on the house hunt. As the friend followed the Realtor into the mansion, he took one look around and immediately bolted.  

“What was that about?” Eric Tucker, confused by the friend’s behavior, asked to the potential buyer.

 As the prospective buyer returned from checking on his friend, he shared, “This will sound weird, but my friend, he is a medium. He can see things and feel energies that most don’t.”

“I’m never going back in that house. There is something very dark, very sinister,” the medium said fearfully.

Afterward, the Realtor met with the seller and told the bizarre occurrence of the day. Jokingly, he asked if the house is haunted, and the seller abruptly and very gravely responded, “No! No, no, no, nothing like that.” Tucker, a little unnerved that the seller seemed quite on edge, decided to trust his response.

Fast forward to after Eric Tucker sold the house, he got a call at 11:30 p.m., and on the other line was his friend T-Mac.

“Tucker! What are you doing right now?” His voice was frantic.

“I’m in bed,” Eric Tucker said.

“Well put on clothes and come to O’Doherty’s,” T-Mac said. “I need you down here, someone needs to see you. Just trust me.”

As Eric Tucker walked into the late-night scene of downtown Spokane’s Irish grill and bar, O’Doherty’s, he found his friend T-Mac sitting with the old seller, who reported to Tucker that he was moving to Hawaii the following day.

“It’s the farthest away I could get from that house and still be in the United States,” the seller said. “Tucker, I have not been honest with you about that house at all. The house is extremely haunted. We lost thousands of dollars worth of stuff, things like rings, car fobs from his Mercedes, necklaces. The doors slam, the heat goes up to 95 degrees, then shoots back down to super freezing.”

He continued, “The worst part was there was this little girl in the house. She would run up and down the stairs, slamming doors, running into walls, screaming, hanging from the chandeliers.”

“I hate the girl so much, she ruined my family. I never sleep, my kids are always scared,” the seller said.

The family first considered the possibility of a ghost when their youngest son developed an imaginary friend, with whom he always would speak. The parents even had him visit with psychiatrists, but they reported no cognitive problems.

“I don’t remember the exact name, but let’s call her Ann,” Jake Tucker said. “The son would always refer to his imaginary friend as Ann.”

A couple months went by after the night of the seller’s confession, and Eric Tucker got a phone call from contractors who had begun working on the house.

“You’re Eric Tucker, you sold the Glover Mansion?” asked the contractors. They requested that he come right away, so back to the mansion went Eric Tucker.

The contractors were getting rid of the old-school coal furnace in the basement and were putting in central heating to the mansion. A few whacks into the brick of the house, their sledge hammers hit something hollow. They uncovered a crawl space, one that no one had known about. Inside the crawl space they found a box, labeled with the name “Ann.” Inside the box, they found about 20 car fobs, rings, necklaces and other random and expensive objects.

Another senior, Rachel Sellner, said she witnessed a ghost firsthand.

During her semester abroad, Sellner was excited to take some time away from the daily routine of Florence and head to Morocco with a friend. One night, the two girls were staying in a four-star hotel in Tetouan. While they were sleeping in quiet hours of the night, the television turned on, with volume at full blast.

“It was loud,” Sellner said. “I literally had to get out of bed to walk to the remote, so clearly neither of us had touched it.”

Sellner’s friend remained asleep during the peculiar occurrence.

“I was freaking out, I had no idea what it was, but something was going on,” Sellner said.

The frightened traveler relied on her handy flashlight app on the ol’ iPhone, and shined it around the room, even checking the bathroom. No one was there, but she couldn’t help but notice a weird, moving shadow-like figure along the wall next to her sleeping friend. She told herself it might just be the wind, but her mind quickly corrected her, for the windows were closed behind the drawn curtains.

“The next morning we woke up and the windows were normal, but everything else was fogged over — mirrors and everything, even door knobs,” Sellner said.

The girls retreated to a different hotel right away, and never heard or saw anything more.

Brooklyn Popp is a staff writer.

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