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On Saturday, Oct. 19, Gonzaga's greenhouse will be hosting a yoga event for students within the community.

The Office of Sustainability and Dining Services are hosting a yoga class in the hydroponic greenhouse for ten students interested unwinding amongst the plants.  

The event will be held on October 19 and is only $5 for students to attend, though space is limited due to the size of the greenhouse. The class offers mutually benefits for both the student and the plants and give students a chance to become involved in sustainable living.  

“We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and nitrogen and those actually help the plants thrive,” said Larissa Kolasinskithe student intern in the Office of Sustainability in charge of the event.  

The idea for the class came about last year during Earth Week with a goal of raising awareness for sustainability.  

“We host a lot of different events during Earth Week to kind of get students more aware of what Dining Services does with sustainability on campus and so that was kind of our kick-off,” said Kolasinski 

The office is hosting the class earlier in the year due to the popularity of the class and they are even hoping to expand the class to include more people.  

“We are thinking for when the weather gets nicer, potentially during Earth Week or during the spring, of opening the terrace and the greenhouse for yoga which would me an having spots for a lot more students,” Kolasinski said. 

Kolasinski attributes this popularity to the class’s relation to sustainability and the mutual benefits that come from it.  

“Plants use carbon dioxide for carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and a lot of their processes, so it’s actually beneficial to them,” she said. “So, by getting more people in there, we can get more carbon dioxide and nutrients like that.” 

The class will be taught by Emily Toles, the owner and founder of local business, Lilac Lotus Yoga. Lilac Lotus Yoga has live online classes as well as mobile yoga, where the instructor comes to you, according to their website.   

“It’s a very unconventional place to do yoga,” Kolasinski said. “It’s not your traditional studio.” 

Toles advertises a personalized experience for her private classes that is curated by the comfort of your own, unique space, according to her website.  

The uniqueness of the hydroponic greenhouse is evident as it even relates to areas of study for some students.  

“We have a lot of interest from students interested in environmental and sustainability issues, so I think it is a really good outlet for them,” Kolasinski said.  

The class will be held from 11 am to noon and students can sign up at https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2973399/false#/invitation 

Thea Skokan is a staff writer.

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