It’s time to start crafting the perfect music festival schedule, starting with Madonnastock. Gonzaga’s annual outdoor music festival hosted by the housing and residence life staff in Madonna Hall will entertain students with an abundance of student bands on campus.

This year’s Madonnastock will feature free food and activities in addition to the anticipated live music. From 4-10 p.m. on Friday, the Herak quad will be filled with a plethora of fans cheering on their fellow Zags.

“It has just gotten much bigger,” said senior Kellan Faker-Boyle via email. “I think this is going to be the biggest year.”

Each band will perform a limited set for 20 to 30 minutes. Acts include the Boone Street Band, Robotany, the Coughlin Rejects and veteran performers Faker-Boyle and fellow senior Matt Vergara, who were previously known as K-Rad and Matty V and are now known as Golden Means Kairos.

The GU Drum Line will open the show with a five-minute performance introducing the first band, the Boone Street Band. The Bomb Squad and Dance team will also perform during the event.

“The special thing about Madonnastock is that it shows a tight knit community that wants to share our talent,” Faker-Boyle said. “We’re so community-driven that the love between our peers is sharing our love of music.”

Madonnastock started 16 years ago as a small musical gathering held in front of the Madonna residence hall and featured bands made up of only Madonna residents.

Since then, Madonnastock has evolved into a showcase for all student bands from GU. In addition to expanding its musical range, Madonnastock has expanded in size and location. As the event gained recognition, it moved to the courtyard, then Foley field, and finally to its current location in the quad.

There will be a wide array of musical styles at the event, according to Faker-Boyle. He described his band with Vergara as a rowdy rap duo, while senior Ben Covino described that his group, Robotany, will stay true to rock music with the addition of some non-traditional instruments such as the ukulele.

The closing performance by Golden Means Kairos will feature Faker-Boyle (K-Rad) showing off his many talents, such as singing, rapping and playing the bass, synthesizers and guitar.

“It shows how well-rounded these people are, despite not being music majors, how devoted they are to their craft,” Covino said.

Many performers are going to crossover with other bands and perform songs together. Covino said that he will be rapping alongside K-Rad and Matty V in one of their concluding songs.

“It’s super special because this shows how much talent there is,” Covino said. “There’s a lot of crossover. [Some students] are going to be in a few different groups and it’s really cool to see what kind of music they’re into and show how they have a variety of things they really like to do.”

Madonnastock will feature more food and activities than we have seen in the past. There will be pizza, tacos, cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones, and activities such as a bounce house, bungee run, dunk tank, an obstacle course and the highly anticipated beer garden.

Yes, Madonnastock is expanding past demographic of generally underclassmen to students over the age of 21 by adding a beer garden. With this addition, GSBA is hoping to attract upperclassmen to the event.

“I believe that [the beer garden] will be something that will bring our entire community together,” said Gonzaga Student Body Association (GSBA) president Conner House via email. “It will also make it different than years past by being more inclusive of the entire Gonzaga population, and different tastes and desires associated with the diverse community.”

Many of the artists will be closing out their senior year with Madonnastock as their final performance on campus.

“It’s going to be one of my last shows playing on campus so I’m just gonna jig a whole bunch and sing,” Covino said. “That’s gonna be really exciting. I just really want to have a really happy crowd and make people as happy as they can be.”

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