Summer fashion

Soft whites and blues are great summer colors to keep you cool in the sun. 

Do you constantly have dreams manifesting the most gorgeous hot girl/boy summer? Is your outfit for reentering the clubs already planned out? Are you ready create a summer bonfire by lighting your stained grey sweats on fire? That’s what I thought.

The fashion for summer 2021 is begging to be released from hibernating closets.

Summer fashion is the talk of the town. In a recent video titled “What I’m wearing this Summer”, YouTuber and trendy fashion enthusiast Emma Chamberlain said “Never in my life have I received more comments about something.” In her look book, she provided her audience with innovative and edgy outfit inspiration.

Chamberlain’s outfit for six out of the seven days of the week is high waisted denim shorts and a cropped white tank. This is a great baseline outfit because you can pair it with any shoe, add a button up or cardigan, and of course, colorful clout goggles. Another staple for Chamberlain is white beach pants which she described as “a little reminiscent of your least favorite aunt.”

She broke up the fashion personas of the year to be sporty, preppy, dad, garden mom and vegan.

- Sporty fit: biker shorts, platform sneakers and a cropped sporty jacket/windbreaker

- Preppy fit: light khaki “golf dad” shorts and a knit vest cardigan with a button down underneath

- Dad fit: collared polo shirt, baggy jeans and a ball cap

- Garden Mom fit: sheer button down, small brimmed sun hat and Birkenstock clogs

- Vegan fit: dainty white top with lacey embroidery and classic Levi’s jeans

This summer, the 90s are in, monochrome color schemes are in, pastel tones are in, tan shorts are in, chunky sandals are in, small purses are in, bigger shorts are in and longer skirts are in.

“Comfort is key for me so this summer I’ll definitely be rocking lots of oversized t-shirts and baggy jeans, which is kind of my signature look,” senior Grace Redpath said.

Fun prints and patterns are trending right now so Redpath is hoping to pick up some cool new pieces for summer.

“Dresses are such a huge summer staple for me just because it makes it so easy to look put together,” Redpath said. “I love the look of flowy midi dresses a lot and they work for literally any occasion.”

Redpath is looking forward to the summer fashion trend of y2k inspired tops that she’s seen circulate the internet recently.  

This summer will likely lean toward casual fashion.

“I like to keep it simple with a variety of streetwear t-shirts and cargo shorts,” junior Miguel Angala said. “The t-shirts I choose to wear are usually a good expression of my interests, so they’ll let you know something about me.”

Angala’s summer closet staples consist of chino shorts, a decent polo and sneakers. 

“I lean more so on the lighter colors because of the heat, but it’s always good to have contrast,” Angala  said. “Whites, beiges and some softer blues are always nice.” 

He’s recently been a fan of pairing collared shirts or button down polos with light pants or shorts, and throwing on some Sperry boat shoes or nice sneakers.

“I like to keep it simple depending on my wardrobe and what my bank account is saying, but I’ll keep it somewhat stylish to make a good impression,” Angala said.

Our closets are ready to live again and summer is the prime time to revive and revamp your wardrobe. I challenge you to style the pieces in your closet that you never wear, get rid of the pieces you despise, and add new pieces which make you want to strut around town. If you follow these guidelines, I can assure you you’ll be looking fly in no time.

Juliette Carey is a staff writer.

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